What's New in Breakout

Updates in Breakout v3.6

– Under the hood enhancements for better stability.

– Added new badges to use on your profile to show your support for community.

Updates in Breakout v3.5

– Now user experience elements more simpler and easy to understand.

– Under the hood enhancements.

Updates in Breakout v3.4

– Performance improvements.

Updates in Breakout v3.3

– Room controls changed. Now Host/co-host can promote Audience as Speaker but can’t unmute them.

– Speak Up requests can be turned on or off by host.

Updates in Breakout v3.2

– Recorded rooms are now available. Get in on your profile’s past room section.

– Under the hood enhancements.

Updates in Breakout v3.1

– Introducing Badge Store for your community. Badges are an identity of your profile and what you represent/Support.

– Introducing Paid/Premium Rooms. Now host premium rooms for your audience and get paid for sharing your knowledge.

– Under the hood enhancements.

Updates in Breakout v3.0

– Under the hood enhancements and UI Updates.

– Bee Tokens enhancements.

Updates in Breakout v2.9

– Reactions to wall activity.

– Updates on Bee Tokens.

– Under the hood enhancements for chat and Audio Hooks.

Updates in Breakout v2.8

– Activity wall for better Engagement. Now share updates with your Breakout family and interact better.

– Get push Notifications for chats.

– Bee Tokens : Get rewarded for engagement on platform.

Updates in Breakout v2.7

– Verified Profiles.

– Introducing Breakout Wall posting. (Now add audio posts with description in Breakout Activity.)

– Under the hood enhancements.

Updates in Breakout v2.6

– Under the hood enhancements and Bug fixes.

– Breakout Verified Profiles.

Updates in Breakout v2.5

– RSVP for rooms available. It lets you reserve your spot in Upcoming Rooms.

– Breakout is here with Verified profiles.

Updates in Breakout v2.4

– Breakout Chat supports reactions to images and message.

– Sharable Links for Invite. Now share your own unique link with people you know and get Bee tokens.

– Force theme modes are now available.

– Bee Search now has more features for better engagement with AdServices.

Updates in Breakout v2.3

– Added more features for Chat. Now Breakout Chat support image sharing.

– Forced Theme mode :  User can select any mode (dark/light), regardless of device theme.

Updates in Breakout v2.2

– Audio Hooks Redesign.

– Under the hood enhancements.

Updates in Breakout v2.1

– Sharing of Rooms and profile details now possible across internet.

– General bugs fixes.

Updates in Breakout v2.0

– Now you can see who is speaking in a room with an animation.

– Upcoming Rooms on the profile screen.

– Fixed Bugs related to Minimized rooms.

– Minimized room bugs solved.

– UX improvements.

Updates in Breakout v1.9

– Follow/Unfollow list added.

– Chat improvements.

Updates in Breakout v1.8

– Audio Story will start from the last story viewed.

– Profile URL optimized for performance.

– UI changes related to List of rooms.

– Hold to Listen. UI changes.

– Tap to listen without joining room.

Updates in Breakout v1.7

– Audio Covers for Rooms.

– Clickable links for Audio stories.

– Bee search supports copy link now.

– Chat conversation shows last message in list.

– Chat conversation added Reactions. Now you can react to particular chat.

– Added Judaism under interest.

– Notification will open profile of person who followed you.

– Bug Fixes related room. Minimized rooms and joining expired rooms from old notification.

Updates in Breakout v1.6

– New Refreshed UI

– Bee Search: Search the internet about the topics being discussed in the room without leaving the discussion.

New Audio hooks: Engage with your audience with short Audio hooks.

Audio Profiles: Introduce yourself to the world.

– Check who is online and ask them to join the room.

– Analytics Dashboard to track engagement levels across the platform. Create more relevant rooms to engage your audience with actual data.

– Chat with Room members and direct message to your friends.

– New Algorithm to rank the rooms based on Interests and Speaker Influence level across the platform.

– New Roles within the Room. Speaker, Audience, and Host / Co-host

– New design which shows Speakers separately for easy navigation.

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