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About Breakout

The Audio Social Networking Platform

Introducing Breakout, a free audio app that lets your voice be heard! Collaborate and share with like-minded people.

We’re an audio social network (ASN) like no other. Users can set up rooms, create their content, and turn their social media time into cash.

Monetize your social media content while you post, share or create any content on the internet!

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Breakout at a Glance

We're the newest and hottest premier app disrupting the Social Media & Audio Saas space.

The app provides revenue streams not just for Influencers, but also for companies/brands, and non-profits.

We are disruptors.

What Makes Us Disruptors?

No Censorship. And no Social Media “Jail.”
Users own their data and they can sell it through DataVault.
Our Influencer Marketplace connects you with brands & potential sponsors.

Start audio rooms and build your audience

Social media platforms profit off of Content Creators by selling their user data to 3rd parties - and they keep all of that money.

Breakout is different: You own your data and you can choose what data to sell and at what price.

This is because of the unique way the Breakout collects data during every interaction. Data includes things like user preferences, interests selected, and so on.
This data might seem to be worthless to you, but it has significant value to others.

How much value are we talking about? The global data marketplace is worth $136 billion per year. By 2026, that number will reach $234 billion a year. Content creators like you are getting none of that money — it all goes back to the social media platform.



Return control of user data to you, the user.

Users on our platform retain ownership of their data. We help connect users to companies
looking to bid on access to that data. We bundle the data and place a value on that data, then
put it up for bidding. The user then can decide to accept the bid and sell, or decline the offer.

One app that does it. Leverage with us by reaching regional audiences and make grow.

Our Shared Revenue Model is Unique in This Space.

The conventional manner in which social media platforms monetize content revolves around the sharing ad revenue.

Breakout is different in that users can monetize their data. “Data” includes user interactions, likes, habits, data from cross-connected platforms, and more…much more.

All of the social media giants sell this data and they keep 100% of revenue and the user has no say in the transaction. Further, users have no say about to whom that the date will be sold.

Our model puts users in control of their data, allowing them to choose how and when their data is sold. Best of all, users get the lion’s share of the revenue.

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Our Diverse Team is Comprised of Tech Innovators, Entrepreneurs
and FinTech Executives.

Our founders and leaders come from diverse, but relevant backgrounds in science,
technology, finance, and marketing. All of them have worked for top companies in
their respective fields of endeavor.

willam harvey

William C Harvey (Cody)

Chief Executive Officer/ Member- Board of Directors

Cody Harvey is an American entrepreneur and Chief Visionary behind a plethora of market-disrupting technologies, most recently, Kennected Software

arpan shah

Arpan Shah

Chief Technology Officer

Arpan graduated from BITS Pilani, a Top 5 university in India (a 1.4% acceptance rate University), with a Major in Computer Science.

victoria vo

Victoria Vo

Chief Branding & Creative Officer

Victoria Vo is a diverse entrepreneur and advisor in various industries including: technology, retail, hospitality, service, and real estate.

eric lomas

Eric Lomas

Chief Risk Officer / Member of Board of Directors

Eric possesses a diverse legal background spanning 17 years and touching many different industries and roles.