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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Breakout Audio Community! We have built this community as a place for Breakout users to communicate with each other and share the amazing ways you are using the platform.

Be Nice and Respectful:

Our community is a place for open dialogue and discussion, but please be mindful of the tone of your comments.

We want the Breakout App to be a safe space for all people, so we will not tolerate threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or other displays of bigotry against any individual or group of individuals.

Do not try to promote the content that goes against the local law. Stay away from any financial or scam techniques that might end up harming the users on the app. Report us on [email protected] if you come across any such activities on the platform.

Everyone has their own right to select who can join their room or which room they want to become a part of. Kindly respect their decisions and do not force them to connect with you.

Absolutely no spamming

A community only stays healthy when the members in it communicate with each other without getting uncomfortable. Do not promote your promotional links, unsolicited offers on the platform and our users.

Do not reach out to people on their DMs nor send requests to people whom you do not know. No inappropriate behavior is acceptable in the community.

Brands, businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and even big organizations are welcomed on Breakout. But, make sure an individual is representing your company. With the help of branded rooms, you can host multiple business events, but make sure to provide the personalization by using your real identity behind the mic.

Report Issues

We want you to feel empowered to flag anything that you think does not have a place in the forum. The Breakout team will moderate the platform, and we want you to feel empowered to flag anything that you think breaks these rules. Reach out to [email protected]

If enough community members flag an issue, the issue will be automatically addressed, or a member of the moderation team will take action.

Be Transparent

Please be honest with our intentions, identity, and behavior in the community. If possible, use your real name with your account. Do not try to mislead other members by faking an identity on the platform. Just be you!

Collaboration is so much richer when everyone is working with integrity and clarity. You are allowed to host audio rooms to share your interests and knowledge with users having the same interest as yours. But, make sure not to promote any secret agendas or hate in your audio rooms, private, global or social.

Hope you will follow these guidelines to make Breakout Audio App as enjoyable as possible for you and your fellow users.

Thank you for dropping by here! For any other questions, queries or requests, kindly reach out to us on the contact page.