Breakout FAQs

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Why does Breakout exist?

We believe every person deserves the right to have their voice heard. We also believe every person deserves access to education. Breakout and other audio platforms are pioneering the way people get access to information and education.

Is Breakout a paid app?

No, Breakout is a totally free application.

Is my audio recorded without my permission?

No, we do not record or store any of our user’s audio.

Is Breakout available on Android phones?

Yes, Breakout is available on both Android and iOS.

What is a Room in a Breakout?

A Room is a place where people with similar interests come together and share their ideas.

How do I find someone's Room?

If you follow a particular user you can view the rooms they host under the Live Rooms section and the rooms they are planning to host under the Upcoming Rooms section.

How do I stop a user from entering my rooms?

You can go to the user’s profile and block that user and/or report that user. Our team will address the issue.

Can I schedule a Room in advance?

Yes, you can schedule a Room using the Schedule Room option by choosing the date and time you wish to start the room.

Can other users speak in the rooms I host?

If you are the host, you possess the right to let any user in the room speak up. You can also mute a user speaking in the room.

What is a Hook?

Hook is basically an audio story which lasts for 24 hours. You can add upto 10 hooks.

How long does a hook stay?

Your hook could be visible for only 24 hours.

What is Bee Search ?

Bee Search is a search engine of Breakout. Our Bee researches and get you instant results with the every phrase you search.

Report an Incident

Found an issue with our platform? If so, you can report your issue at [email protected].

If you find any of the users unfit for the usage of  platform, you can always Block or Report that user. The issue will be investigated by us and appropriate action will be taken.