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Breakout with Datavault

Find out about the strategic partnership of Breakout Audio App and Data Vault.

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Own Your Data.Value Your Data.Trade Your Data.
The Breakout app is much more than a fully free group meeting/chat app.

Breakout Audio Social Networking platform offers a unique opportunity to evolve the social media platforms towards a viable future. We understand that consumers are tired of social media platforms using their data to benefit from them personally. By announcing a strategic media data partnership with Data Vault, breakout will systematically give a portion of the revenue back to our users.

With the partnership with Data Vault, Breakout will provide a powerful proof of concept that benefits the users for their data objects created for the digital platforms. Data Vault provides exclusive patented IPs for Breakout Audio Social Networking app, that combines the real time data valuation, visualization and monetisation capabilities at the users’ fingertips. Breakout is always working on leaving a great impact on the users by providing the state of the art features on the app and great accessibility.

Breakout performs data aggregation and audio broadcasting that uses the Web 3.0 muscle for our
growing users. Data Vault will add a new layer of autonomy for our social networking to monetize the
content and social media time while users create posts and share their content on the platform.

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ADIO™ Technology
Why Monetize Your Data?

Datavault's cloud-based SaaS platform, also provides access to its proprietary ADIO technology, which allows users to create in-app call-to-actions to buy, sell, and trade data through the use of ADIO's data packet technology. ADIO's technology also delivers the ability for consumers to embed interactive mobile responses directly into streaming broadcasts.

This ability gives Breakout a new revenue model for social platforms that they command and that enables a digital mobile response to be delivered from broadcast, signage, radio satellite, and ambient music systems. Its patented technology integrated seamlessly into Breakout's audio file creation system and as a result, crafts and enables a more robust in-app user experience.


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