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We're the newest and hottest premier audio networking app disrupting the Social Media & AdTech Space!.

Breakout isn’t censored or influenced by any external factors to provide users pure knowledge and flexibility to build engaged communities on the internet!

This is a first in this space.

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Breakout is created to empower the users and creators!”
Create content to support free speech and spread the love among your creative community with your voice.
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Breakout Audio Social Networking app connects users, content creators and brands together!

Be a rebel with a cause or create content that supports and engages the masses. Grab your phone and speak up your thoughts. Create insightful and engaging content on the platform to increase your opportunities of earning.

Breakout lets creators host premium content onpremium rooms to let them create an opportunity of providing gated content to the community.

As a creator, utilize Breakout Marketplace to collaborate with brands and unlock the potential of their profiles.


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