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Our platform monetizes user data by allowing you, the user, to sell that data on our
exchange and retain the largest share of the revenue.

This is a first in this space.

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There’s no censorship here. Thus, no social media “Jail.”
Breakout’s unique shared revenue stream for ALL users is a game-changer.
Our Influencer Marketplace that connects Creators with potential sponsors.
New Monetization Streams Made for Creators

If you’re not selling data, your company is at a marked disadvantage.

Big data use is proliferating so fast that it’s hard to keep track of its growth. It’s no longer just a good idea — now that so many businesses are using it, it’s become essential for keeping up with the competition. Data helps companies improve their customer experiences, reduce their costs, find new customers and much more. Taking advantage of data technologies can help companies keep up with — and lead — the competition in these crucial areas.

Every interaction creates more data that can be harvested and sold through our Marketplace Exchange, driving revenue.


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