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Breakout For NonProfits

The new buzzword in fundraising is “Nano” funding.
What if there was a better platform to spur donations organically and passively?

Breakout-for-nonprofits Breakout-for-nonprofits
The Breakout app enables you to conduct live broadcasts with an in-app donation capture mechanism.
As users engage with your account, the data that is collected is stored and can also be turned into revenue, passively.

The Breakout app is an Audio SaaS app that is a combination of a podcast, a lecture and a group chat. You can hold live forums, sermons, conferences and so on. Two-way conversations allow for greater engagement.

Every interaction produces data that goes into a repository. This data has value.

Big tech giants use data captured from their websites to generate revenue by selling it.

Data monetization directly benefits businesses by increasing their revenue. Directly boosting the bottom line is an obvious benefit for any organization. Companies can earn money from their data by selling it, after taking steps to prepare it for other organizations.

With Breakout, YOU get to sell your data using our Marketplace Exchange.



Harvesting Your Data Is A New Source of Revenue

Like buyers, sellers also need to adhere to certain standard practices to thrive in the business.

We handle this for you. When you’re ready to sell data, our Marketplace Exchange packages and presents the data to bidders.

You can sell this data over and over.

Start your audio room on breakout and leverage partnerships with nonprofits community

Two-Way Engagement With Your Audience & Followers

Breakout’s platform is a two-way forum.

Nonprofits can create branded rooms, host live seminars, sermons, conferences or any number of sessions. It’s essentially an audio chat room with an unlimited number of “guests.”

As “hosts,” you can yield the microphone to anyone you choose, thus creating real two-way dialogue, if you wish to do so.

You can schedule sessions, invite listeners/participants and record and post episodes to your channel.

You can also embed a donation button and capture payments live through the embedded Stripe payment processor.

Every interaction creates more data that can be harvested and sold through our Marketplace Exchange, driving revenue.

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