Found an issue on Breakout ?

You can report your issue at [email protected].

If you find any of the users unfit for the usage of our platform, you can always Block or Report that user. The issue will be investigated by us and appropriate action will be taken.

How do I block or unblock someone on Breakout ?

When you block someone on Breakout they wont be able to see your rooms or your profile. They wont be able to visit your profile.

To block someone on Breakout app for Android and iPhone follow steps below :

  1. Tap on   icon on your navigation bar to search the profile you want to block or report.
  2. Tap Report in the top right, you will get options to “Block” and “Block and Report” someone.
  3. You would be asked to add some details and a reason to report.
  4. Once you Report someone, our team investigate and appropriate action will be taken.

To unblock someone, tap Unblock on the top right.