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    About Breakout

    Breakout : Audio Networking Platform is an Audio-Engagement- Social Networking App that lets users listen in on live conversations or be a part of the conversation. Want to Breakout and start your own chat session?
    Go Ahead!

    Want to listen in on ongoing conversations and learn? We’re here for you. These audio-chat sessions are based on a variety of personal interests, from Entrepreneurship to Sports and Cooking.

    Breakout is built for people like you, who want to provide value to the community, or for those that want to observe and learn- we’re built for you too.


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    Link Up

    Link up with Influencers, Thought leaders, Business people, Entrepreneurs, and others with proven success stories and loads of advice to share. from others who have already built successful businesses.

    Share And Collab

    Drop-in on audio conversations to gain perspectives and get the opportunity to share your experiences. Breakout rooms allow you to break in additional speakers from the audience and allow others to hear what anyone has to say.


    Breakout is a great new place to bring your community and open up a new way to engage and connect with them. Breakout believes that by sharing knowledge, value, and experiences we can all lift each other up.

    Create Opportunities

    Breakout is THE PLACE to bring your community together and explore new ways to engage and connect with them. You can explore Bee Search who have the ability to look up information in real time, while creators are discussing topics.

    Breakout Search Engine

    Introducing Bee Search

    Bee Search is the ability to look up information in real time, while creators are discussing topics. Discover trending topics, validate what others are saying and architect your own opinion, without ever leaving the platform. Don’t just take people’s word for it. Use Bee Search for your research.