What are Breakout Trophies and BeeTokens ?

by Jaynish Shah
January 21, 2022
BeeTokens in Breakout Audio App

And thanks to Breakout trophies, even the audio networking app has a way for you to earn rewards. Unlocking Breakout Trophies you get BeeTokens which can be used in the app to join a premium room or to buy a profile badge, which shows your support to business or a community.

What are Breakout Trophies ?

Trophies are given when a Breakout user earns special achievements on the app, and they come in the form of emojis.

This can be from achieving a certain engagement in the app, or inviting your friends, or scheduling a room on Breakout audio platform.


Your ‘Breakout trophies‘ will show up in your ‘trophy box’ as emojis, which you can find by tapping on BeeTokens icon on the right corner of your profile page.

You then select trophies and you should be able to see the ones you have unlocked.

For example, you can get the rocket emoji trophy if your profile is 80 % completed, bomb emoji trophy when you upload your first audio hook.

Note : Breakout doesnot give a full list of emojis or trophies, get you and your friends network on breakout and find out 😉

What are BeeTokens ?

BeeTokens are digital tokens that can be earned by engagement within the Breakout app. Breakout gives 10 BeeTokens if they update their profile. 10 BeeTokens when they invite other users and so on.

Beetokens on breakout App

Note : There is no option to purchase BeeTokens, they can be only earned with app engagement and can be used only on the breakout app.

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