Creators Get 7 New Ways to Monetize Their Content

by Breakout Team
May 19, 2022
ways to monetize your content on social media

As per the 2022 creator report provided by Linktree, nearly 200 million people are earning money through digital content creation. If the creators created their nation, they might be ranked as the 8th most populous country globally. 

As a content creator, you work extremely hard to build your audience. And so, you deserve to be rightfully rewarded for your efforts. But the real challenge is using this talent and earning money through multiple monetization techniques. 

Therefore, today we have brought you seven new ways in which you can monetize your content and increase your revenue. 

Let’s dive in.

Who Is a Creator?

Before a couple of decades, radio usage was at its peak. People who had a sense of creativity used the radio channels to conduct talk shows and other programs that expressed their skills as a creator. 

Similarly, people published their books, conducted drama plays, and wrote articles for newspapers to express their sense of creativity to the general audience. 

With the development of digital media and the internet, people focus on releasing their content through blogs, social media applications, and video-sharing platforms. 

So, to make it short and simple, “A creator is an individual with the ability to create content in unique ways that makes them earn a huge set of followers or audience.”

Digital media has offered the perfect opportunity for like-minded people to connect, create a community for themselves and influence their followers through their content.

Creator Economy, Explained

Businesses always find a way to promote themselves. During the initial stages of internet development, people were interested in just sharing their thoughts and voicing their opinions. 

But with the growth of its popularity, people started using it to promote their products and business through advertisements, written content, websites, and product promotions. 

This idea has offered an opportunity for the creators to earn money through online ad networks, blogs, and as an influencer. 

Creator economy is the future where anyone with the ability to create content can build their community and earn a good profit leveraging the internet and other platforms. 

In one sentence, it is an economy supported by the creators on the internet.

7 New Ways Creators Monetize Their Creation

Since you already have a few followers or an audience, it is time to monetize them and start earning the benefits of being a creator. 

If this is your first time monetizing your content, you might have a question: Where do I start? 

The monetizing options available in the current market are pretty simple, and you can sign up by yourself. Let us now take a look at them in detail.

1. Offer Subscriptions for Exclusive Content

If you have good content, you can publish it or upload the content and restrict the access to paid members. Your content can be anything that spikes the interest of your viewers. Similarly, the subscription options can vary. 

For example, you can offer a monthly or yearly subscription for your audience to earn money along with AdSense on your YouTube channel. 

Applications such as Breakout offer a subscription option that you can create for your audio room and earn money from your followers. Your audience can purchase the form of BeeTokens. These tokens offer you the chance to access premium rooms.

2. Sell Your Merchandise

If you have your own set of products available for sale, you can promote them through your website content and blogs to improve your sales among the audience. 

Platforms like YouTube allow you to sell merchandise simultaneously along with your content. For example, if you are a travel vlogger, you can create your merchandise, such as travel t-shirts, mugs, and bags branded with your channel name and brand.

3. Advertising

If you have your blog or website with a steady traffic flow, you can add a display to earn some cash. Ad networks like Google AdSense rent out a specific space within your website to display ads and share some revenue cuts. The payment is made per the views and clicks through rate (CTR).

4. Video Monetization

This technique is for all the video creators out there. Almost every popular platform, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, lets you monetize your video (if you meet the eligibility criteria).

For example, if you post a video about a particular movie or a place, you can add the advertisements in-between the video to promote the content and receive money as per the views. Moreover, you can automate this technique to save some time.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Most bloggers and video creators use affiliate marketing to monetize their content. 

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based digital marketing model. Here the brands pay the affiliates to promote the products in-between their blogs or in their videos. By becoming an affiliate, you can receive a commission after each sale on behalf of the brand. 

But there’s one major disadvantage of affiliate marketing. The affiliate receives the money when the sales are made through their links.

6. Influencer Marketing

Are you worried about earning money through affiliate marketing since it only counts the links through which the purchases have been made? Then it is better to choose influencer marketing. 

Like affiliate marketing, influencer marketing involves promoting a brand or a product to your followers and viewers. 

But instead of receiving the amount for each sale, the brand pays you a whole amount for a complete set of promotions. Businesses prefer influencer marketing since it attracts a local audience. Visit Breakout Creator Marketplace to know more.

7. Sell Your Knowledge

This technique is where you can earn money by joining the creator economy and selling digital products like online courses, digital downloads, and memberships. 

You can create online courses and upload them within a locked environment that prevents others from accessing the videos unless they pay for them. Use Udemy, Coursera, or Teachable to create such courses.

Why Is Social Media Unreliable?

When it comes to social media, you can not count on it. You might lose your followers within an instant if your account gets hacked. And it’s hard to keep up with algorithm changes that happen almost every day.

So technically, the chances of losing your money are higher due to, 

  • Closure of account, 
  • Cancellation of money agreements,
  • Reduced followers,
  • Lack of transparency,
  • Frequent algorithm changes.

Use Breakout: a future-driven, privacy-focused, secure social audio platform to curb this. You can create audio rooms and monetize them using BeeTokens or in-app purchases to provide subscriptions to your audience or entry to a paid talk show.

Since concrete security measures backed by DataVault secure your data, it’s next to impossible for someone could hack your Breakout account.


Earning money has become a simple job these days, and with a good sense of creativity, you can use digital tools to make way for your income. 

The monetization techniques mentioned above have been proved to be working for many creators. And hence you can try them all to earn as much as possible. 

But the most important thing to note is that you can invest in the future and get ahead by becoming an early adopter of the audio trend.

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