Promoting Real Estate on Social Media

by Breakout Team
June 21, 2022

Do you want to know if you can utilize social media marketing to promote your real estate market?

While real estate agents are necessary for the home-buying process, buyers are increasingly opting to do more research online before contacting professionals. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, in the USA 92 percent of buyers start their search for a home on the internet, emphasizing the importance of real estate agents maintaining an active online presence. You’re missing out if you’re not engaged, engaging, and networking online.

While businesses of all sizes can benefit from having a strong social media presence, the value of social media in real estate cannot be emphasized. For real estate companies, social media is a gold mine. That is, if you have a solid social plan in place and aren’t just winging it. With our guide to social media for real estate, we’ve got you covered whether you’re beginning from scratch or want to learn how to get more leads from social media.
Social media marketing for your real estate business.

Real estate Social Media Strategies:

  • Traditional apps like Facebook

The bread and butter of real estate social media marketing is Facebook. It’s a site where a significant number of first-time home purchasers spend an average of 38 minutes every day. When you combine this with the fact that a large section of your target demographic is on Facebook, you’ve got a goldmine of prospective leads.

Facebook also provides a marketing tool in the form of Facebook advertisements. They enable customized advertising based on demographics and people who have looked at properties or interacted with another realtor’s page.

To begin marketing your real estate firm on Facebook, you’ll need a Facebook page. Initially, cutting through the noise and gaining enough followers can be difficult, but Facebook ads can help. Create continuous content and run ad campaigns for hot listings to introduce new users to your page and keep them interested.

  • Photo-sharing app Instagram

Realtors are putting all of their eggs in the Instagram basket. Instagram is an excellent medium to employ for real estate social media marketing because it has over 1 billion active users.

It is primarily a visual platform. As a result, unlike Facebook, you’ll need to devote more effort to graphics than text. It’s crucial to produce excellent Instagram videos and photographs.

Across all social media channels, consistency is crucial. Consistently post stuff to your Instagram handle, with some variety. Post more than just listings and social proof. Add some spice to the conversation with interesting industry tad bits or a tour of a celebrity’s house.

  • Share client success stories and testimonials on your social media accounts.

Social proof has a lot of weight. 84 percent of social network users trust your page’s ratings as much as their friends. When they see satisfied customers, they have faith in the service you provide. Through social media, show the world how your work brings smiles to people’s faces. Request a testimonial every time you have a satisfied customer. A satisfied customer will gladly write a testimonial for you in most circumstances.

  • Live videos are a great way to show off your listings.

Your customers are the ones that want to see your videos. Buyers and sellers prefer to work with real estate brokers who use videos as part of their social media marketing plan for real estate. In addition, real estate listings with videos generate 403 percent more leads than those without.

Selling a house is essentially visual. You’d be squandering money if you didn’t make videos. Live video, on the other hand, is even better. The good news is that live video is available on both Facebook and Instagram.

  • Use DMs and email to stay in touch with your connections.

Real estate is a people-oriented industry. According to the NAR report 2021, in the USA 68% of sellers got their real estate agent through a reference, neighbor, or relative, or employed the agent with whom they had previously worked.

One of the most scalable ways to create relationships is through social media. But like everyone’s comments on your blog aren’t going to cut it. Go the additional mile and leave a thoughtful comment. You should respond to as many DMs as possible. Warm leads are DMs.

A lot of social media marketing involves you creating content for people you don’t know. Once they’re in your DMs, however, you have the chance to figure out what they’re seeking and give the perfect match.

  • On LinkedIn, you can connect with other realtors.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, you should concentrate on making business-to-business connections. Make contact with realtors, for example. In real estate, as you probably well know, developing a network goes a long way. 

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, you should concentrate on creating business-to-business contacts. Make contact with realtors, for example. In real estate, as you probably well know, developing a network goes a long way.

What types of real estate content are right for Breakout: Audio Networking platform?

  • Property photos:

Here’s some good news: material on social media for real estate is very visual. You can use Breakout’s Activity Feed to publish your property photos with prospects.

That’s why so many real estate companies’ social campaigns include spectacular, high-resolution property photographs.

  • Client testimonials and success stories:

The most valuable feature of real estate social media posts is the potential to share success stories with clients. When it comes to choosing an agent or organization, your clients have a lot of options, thus the more proof you can show of happy customers, the better.

  • Industry and market news:

The real estate market is constantly evolving no matter where you are doing the business. Whether it’s advice, helpful content, or industry reports, keeping your clients in the loop shows that you’re an active participant in your industry.

  • Home tips and renovation ideas:

In real estate social media marketing, keeping followers interested after the sale is a significant hurdle.

Prospective buyers and past clients might both benefit from your renovation ideas and inspiration. Any kind of home maintenance educational content appeals to a wide range of people and showcases your expertise once again.

  • Event coverage:

Although real estate social media marketing is a fantastic tool to generate leads, there’s no doubting the importance of marketing yourself in person.

If you’re going to be out and about, you should urge clients to meet in person by informing them of upcoming events. This can be done using Facebook events or a simple Instagram image post.

How Breakout can help you to win more real estate clients

Let’s speak about how to convert your social traffic into clients now that you know what to post.

  • Make your contact information prominent:

This may seem self-evident, but it’s worth saying nonetheless.

If you operate in real estate, your ultimate goal is to attract clients to call you.

However, this does not happen by chance. You should put all of your important contact information on display so that getting in touch is as simple as tapping a button.

For example, on any social media outlet, make sure that your information and “Website” sections are completely filled out with the following:


Phone number

Email address

To capture leads, use a website and/or landing pages

  • Streamline the way you communicate with your clients:

Seems simple enough, right? However, many real estate businesses have communication problems on social media. According to the research, in the USA 11% of real estate businesses respond to their incoming social messages.

  • To get more leads, improve your social landing pages:

For real estate marketing, lead creation is an essential ability.

Your landing pages could spell the difference between a new lead and a missed chance when it comes to producing real estate leads online.

The first thing you should understand is that you should have several landing pages. Salespeople in the real estate business frequently make the mistake of focusing all of their lead-generating efforts on a single landing page. However, because there are various ways to generate leads, you’ll almost certainly need separate landing pages for each.


There are a lot of details to consider when it comes to real estate social media marketing. It’s also a long-term commitment, not merely a task to cross off your to-do list. The prospective payout, on the other hand, is well worth it. You’ll produce enough organic leads once you’ve established yourself on social media to make it worthwhile to spend your time there. And this post will help you come one step closer to achieving that goal. Hence, Breakout will help you to build your market socially through audio, video, and image posts.

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