Top 7 Ways For Business To Engage on Social Audio

by Breakout Team
February 10, 2022
Audio apps for Business

One of the powerful things about social media is that it gives power to voiceless people. Things and people who were distant and unknown in some remote parts of the world are now connected to the mainstream. This is the real power of social media and audio platforms. Audio social media is a sensational and emerging platform that makes the human voice even more hearable like never before.

Audio marketing has great potential, it is like talking on a radio show. It offers the right place to build personal branding and the right avenue to trust and encourage new audiences to think about the brand.

There is no second thought that social audio is on the rise and would continue to stir the real conversations that can make a difference. In the forthcoming paragraphs, you will get a glimpse of what a social audio app is and how businesses can make the best use of it for better engagement.

What is a Social Audio Application?

Just like the name suggests, social audio apps connect one person to another through the human voice. Unlike other social media platforms, it does not allow to share reels, videos, pictures, but just voice, just human voice. Since the human voice is intimating and engaging; the pandemic’s isolation and various factors have boosted the market of audio applications.

Between video, picture and text, audio has got its spotlight. Audio apps like clubhouse and Breakout audio application, have created a platform where people come to connect with people, learn new skills and experiences without worrying about appearance. Plus it opens the gate of two-way communication as its real-time audio allows listeners to actively participate in the active dialog in breakout rooms.

A promising rise- Breakout

Breakout is a promising social audio app that allows group conversations over the topic chosen by the users. The only mode of communication is through audio as no text, photo posts are not allowed. The business spokesperson can represent their brand by talking about it and by adding personality to the brand.

Just like any other social media app, this app offers metrics that marketers can use to understand their position in the market. The metric showcases the number of followers, engagement rate, etc. Its features like on-the-go audio rooms creation tool, creating a meeting room, make it more likable. Here you can host conversations, engage in direct talk, and whatnot. Plus a moderator in the meeting room runs the entire event and asks the audience to show their hand. The more raised hands mean activity in the room and hence higher visibility. Aren’t its features making it a viable choice?

Let’s try to understand here how breakout social apps have changed the game of social audio apps and the top ways it is offering businesses to engage. Are you ready for it?

But before that…

Gold Mantra for Audio Application marketing

One of the prime essences to establish your brand as users’ favorite on the social audio networking platform is don’t show up as a brand, but a show as the human behind the big brand.

Top Ways to Engage Businesses on Social Audio

Test the waters of this emerging social media platform by opting for different methods to build a big name. Today we are going to suggest different ways through which you can bring your brand into the spotlight. Without further ado, let’s do some talking directly.

Influencer marketing

When it comes to social media, influencer marketing is still one of the effective ways to spread good words in the market. Big names are already making the best use of it and NARS cosmetic Talk is one such example. Partner with the influencers from your industry to host a live audio conversation on the topic regarding or relevant to your brand. You can also ask influencers to organically include your brand in the relevant and regular conversations with the direct audience. Let us know your thoughts on influencer marketing on our social channels.

Host a conversation

Moving next, nothing is as effective as conversation and the same is true even when you are promoting the brand. Create a buzz around your brand by hosting a conversation around a topic relevant to your industry niche and trend. You can also choose Q&A if it suits your brand’s personality. What makes it different from podcasts is that it opens the both communication ends meaning even listeners can participate in talk. Some big names like NBA’s posts, big restaurant talks, and Maersk Tech Talk are already making noise.

Be open to sponsoring the opportunities

One of the quick ways to establish your brand on the platform is by sponsoring the chat room to moderators where they can give a good spotlight to your brand. This is a direct way to reach the target audience. For example, Chevrolet announced to join a social audio app with the topic, “everyone should consider making the switch to electric vehicles” with moderators Kelly Helfrich, Nick Cho, and many famous names.

Network Analysis

This might sound like old school, but believe me, networking is a major asset in the digitally woven world. Data is everything and one can make the best use of it to unfold the next level of success. Do some calculations to uncover users’ behavior, engagement patterns, track the highest engagement in which chat room, which content got high attention, the best time to discuss certain topics, etc. Through this analysis, you can plan your next effective move.

Live entertainment

Live entertainment is another exciting way to engage the potential audience. The form of this entertainment can vary from music to spoken poetry, to conferences to anything. Brands can use this method to reach a large number of users in the most fun ways. The best thing about live entertainment is that it keeps the users at the edge and excited through the whole segment. Sounds good huh? What is your favorite mode of entertainment? You can check out some of the coolest live entertainment ideas that many brands are already opting for on the Breakout app.

Cross-platform advertisement

There is no harm in putting the use of the already established reputation and trust of one digital platform into building the same trust and faith on the new one and that is where cross-platform advertisement comes into play. Use the existing social media platform to integrate with the social audio app for the word of mouth campaign strategies. It can be in the form of paid or earned conversation.

Contests and Rewards

Another old yet effective tactic is creating marketing strategies that spur the social audio app users to follow company news, company leaders, and brand mascots for different contests, prizes, loyalty points, or any other forms of rewards.


With people making a move from their television screen to the online medium, its high time brands need to consider their marketing strategies in 2022. With the ongoing pandemic, users are more inclined towards online events. Did we tell you, recently an event on Twitter Spaces by the leading music distribution label marked more than 16000 audiences? Keep monitoring your audience behavior on social audio apps in Breakout social audio app and plan your strategies accordingly, and you can thank us later. Are you ready to hold the mic now?

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