Social Audio Analytics: How and Why Should You Measure?

by Breakout Team
April 28, 2022

Audio social networking platforms are a new trend these days. 

Audio social media platforms let communication through voice — audio rooms, podcasts, or talk shows.

Audio social networking has been drastically growing in the last couple of years. Even top social sites like Facebook and Twitter have understood it’s important. That’s why they, too, have put efforts towards social audio and integrated it into their social media.

But what if you want to improve or implement some new strategy on your social media? 

You go through a detailed analysis, a metric that lets you know about impressions, customer behavior, demographics, etc. Like other Social media apps, Breakout offers you to understand your audience’s behavior and various activities through Breakout Analytics.

This article will tell you about the importance of data and how Breakout Analytics helps you understand your audience.

The Importance of Data

Data allows you to create better content for your audience. If you have made a room on the audio app and wondered why it is not growing, you need to look at your analytics. You’ll learn what content produces the best outcomes if you track your social networks.

Data analytics helps you make an improved content strategy. You won’t come up with the best plan in the initial phase. You’re bound to make mistakes and employ ineffective strategies.

However, if you examine your social media statistics frequently, you will be able to identify these errors. As a result, when you improve your content plan, you can eliminate them while also strengthening it.

Breakout’s Audio Room Analytics: What is it?

Breakout audio room also gives you a lot of information and statistics about your audio rooms. Breakout offers analytics for each type of room. So, whether you are a business or a community, you can analyze your analysis regularly to know what topic your audience loves to hear. 

It helps you know what’s working and what type of content your audience would love to talk about. Isn’t it the best way to implement new strategies? You can now produce new, improved content to engage your audience.

On the upper right corner of the Hallway, the homepage, you can see a bar icon. This icon represents analytics.

On clicking that, your Breakout Analytics window appears. Here you see the number of followers, how many followers you got the current week, and how many people have unfollowed you. 

Below this, you can see your room analytics. You get to know about room time, engaged time, attendees in your room, and the number of Bee Searches.

Scrolling a little down will let you know about your insights on Audio Hooks. This is a form of story you put on social sites. And at last, the window allows users to know how many people have joined using their invite code.

How Can Breakout Room Audio Analytics Help You?

Breakout Room Audio Analytics plays a significant role in the growth of a room. So, it doesn’t matter if you own a business room or an individual room. Breakout Analytics helps you in the following ways:

Understanding your audience

Breakout rooms are not just about creating a space and hosting the session you love to speak about. Businesses and communities have to understand their audience base and demographics. 

You can even host a question-answer session to learn more about your audience. Once you get to know about these basic things, you’ll be able to create content accordingly.

Creating a Better Content Strategy

Don’t ignore the power of social listening. Instead, use it as a tool to perform better than your previous version. Using Breakout Analytics helps you modify your content strategy to better connect with current and potential customers.

Create Engaging Content

Now that you have understood the importance of data analytics, it’s time to create better and more engaging content. You can take help from your previous content to know which audio topic performed better. Just listen to your audience and create content that relates to your brand and impresses your audience. The more engaging content will have a better opportunity to increase your sales.


Breakout also offers Audio Hooks in the form of stories. It lasts up to 24 hours. To connect with your audience, you can put engaging content to increase engagement. Even audio rooms are fully customizable. You can put brand details and other information regarding your products and services. 

Here, you don’t need to worry about any privacy concerns. Breakout has collaborated with DataVault to make your data private. Only you can see your data. 

So, this was all about how data and analytics play a vital role for businesses. Therefore, do check your Breakout Analytics regularly to create better content for the growth of your business.

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