Six Ways to Create Dazzling Personal Branding on Social Media

by Bhargav Patel
March 28, 2022
Tips for building Personal Brand

What is personal branding?

With internet pervasiveness and social media age, it has become vital to mold and manage personal brands because people connect with people, people want to do business with people only, in fact, people want to do work with people only. Personal branding focuses on building online reputation, creating an image for yourself for the outside world, and marketing yourself as an individual. 

Its sole purpose is to connect with the people beyond services and products. Cultivating a strong personal brand will humanize your business which further will give better exposure and strong relationships for your brand. We think that now you understand why it is necessary and hope that it has got your creative juices flowing.    

Steps to Build a Personal Brand

  1. Discover your Passion

    The first step is finding your true calling, but while finding the calling ensure that it must align with your interest and likes. In the long run, if you don’t like what you are doing, it will lead to a dark tunnel only. Your branding should be the true reflection of yourself, the skills you possess, and what you aspire to be. The first step is answering the following questions:

      • What are things that really drive me?
      • What are my strengths?
      • What are my distinct skills or style?
      • Am I ready to curate content for the long term?
      • Will I be flexible in terms of work or new trends?
      • What industries I will be interested in working with?
      • What impact do I want to reflect on my audience?
      • Where do I want to reach at the end of my career?Answers to these questions will help you to determine the value of determination and passion for you.
  2. Step up your Offer

    You might be really a hardcore book reader then suggesting good books might be your strength. Or you might be a technology nerd who wishes to advise people about technology-abled products, future technology, etc, then you can participate in the conversation of social audio apps like Breakout. Here you can build a brand for yourself or reach out to the brands to offer your service or you can use social audio or social media platforms to showcase yourself as an expert. Whatever your passion or skills are, ensure to amplify it in various mediums. Make sure to be consistent on the platform.   

  3. Choose a Platform

    It becomes essential to choose the right platform to mark your online presence. If you try to be on every social media channel then it would be hard for you to make a remarkable position. Here you can opt for a one at a time policy where you can work hard to establish a good brand for yourself on one platform and then can do cross-marketing for your already established personal brand on the new platform.

  4. Understand your Audience

    Before expecting anything else from the audience, it is vital to understand that everybody cannot be your audience. Firstly identify the class of audience whom you want to serve and then prepare your content strategy accordingly. While developing your brand, ensure to check up on your competitors, what they are doing, how their analytics are, what are things they are doing uniquely, etc. Once you identify your audience and competitors’ strategy, it’s time to build a great profile on the platform.

  5. Set a Tone

    The kind of tone you are using while putting content on the platform matters a lot. Before putting any content, think about the tone you wish to use. Do you wish to set a funny, friendly, casual tone, or do you wish to go for sophisticated tones? The consistent tone helps your audience to recognize you. If you are not sure about the kind of tone that will go with your audience, then you can experiment with different tones and then check the response. The perfect answer to finding the right tone is through trials and errors.

  6. Embrace Networking

    In the digital world, networking is pure gold, try to build a strong network on the chosen platform. Connect with the right mind and do cross-marketing to promote fellow influencers. It helps to grow the bandwidth of business. Valuable connections can help each other to grow business, brand, and recognition. Do you know 85% of jobs are filled with the help of networking? Catch up with the fellow connection over a cup of coffee or a formal informative interview round.

Quick branding Tips to Create a Powerful Personal Brand

Before we conclude, here are some quick do’s that you must keep in mind while building your brand.

  • Your personal brand statement should be clear, concise, and focused.
  • Focus on the audience’s pain points and strategize how to address the pain.
  • Be authentic.
  • Direct your message to the right audience.
  • Make conversational dialogues.
  • Repurpose old content.
  • Increase your credibility with social proof.

Final Words

Which social media channel is your favorite for personal branding? As per our suggestion, if you are someone who is hesitant to post videos or pictures on social media then a social audio app like Breakout is something you must check out. It is one of the emerging social audio apps that provide a platform to present your voice. All you need is to sign quickly and then you can jump into any conversation, plus its two-way conversation channel helps to build a really good network across the globe. Ensure to checkout for the amazing features.

If you are a camera-friendly person then you post videos on Instagram, YouTube to promote yourself. Evaluate your options and choose wisely. It is time now to pick up the mic and make a difference with your dazzling personal brand. 

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