7 Proven Podcast Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Show

by Breakout Team
June 29, 2022
podcast marketing strategy

Publishing podcasts has become a promising way to do campaigns or promotions. Originally, podcasts should come as digital audio products but later evolved into audio-visual products.

This type of content has constantly gained popularity over the past few years, not just because it is entertaining and informational, but also as a powerful marketing tool.

In 2019, there were more than 274 million podcast listeners. The number constantly escalated until it reached 383 million listeners as of 2021. The good news is the popularity of podcasts doesn’t seem to waver anytime soon and is estimated to reach 504 million listeners in three years ahead.

With that in case, creating podcast content is not the only necessary step. Establishing podcast marketing strategies to promote your show is also no less important.

Before giving you some proven podcast marketing strategies, check out brief know-how about podcasts below. 

What is a podcast?

In a nutshell, a podcast is a digital-audio product that is available for downloading or listening via social media or audio-based platforms. Some of the most popular platforms to upload podcasts are Breakout Audio App, Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook.

There are several styles of podcasts depending on the formats, it can be a video or just audio content. Moreover, a podcast requires a host who talks about certain topics or more hosts and even guests to make the show more interesting.

Best podcast platforms

As mentioned previously, there are several major social media and audio-based platforms that are best suitable for podcasts. Here is a brief explanation about each of them.

Live audio rooms

Live Audio Rooms is a new feature from Facebook that somehow similar to the concept of Breakout. The new feature allows users to host a live audio discussion and enable other users to discover, listen to, or even join the conversation on certain topics. Facebook just launched this feature in 2021.

Breakout Audio

Breakout Audio app is a premiere audio social networking platform that allows users to host audio rooms in real-time and post updates on their activity fed. These features allow users to grow their audio community on the internet and publish the latest episodes on their feed as well.


Another audio-based platform, Spotify, is also a good place to share your podcast. Different from the previous two, Spotify only lets its user discover, listen to, and download the podcast audio that they desire.


It’s a common fact that podcast content on YouTube has flourished in recent years. More and more celebrities, influencers, and companies have been creating their concept of podcasting. 

In many cases, the host will invite a guest to talk about certain topics. The common podcast setup on YouTube is both host and guest discussing certain topics in front of microphones while wearing headphones.

There are several styles of podcasts depending on the formats, it can be a video or just audio content. Moreover, a podcast requires a host who talks about certain topics or more hosts and even guests to make the show more interesting.

7 Proven Podcast Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Show

However, creating a podcast without promoting it can make your effort go in vain. That’s why you need to expose your podcast content to generate value. 

Therefore, it’s vital to employ the right podcast marketing strategies to gain viewers and generate income. Check out some proven podcast marketing strategies below.

1. Promote podcast using video, image, and written posts

You can promote your podcast before and after publishing it on the platforms. The best form of promotion is by providing an interesting clip (audio or video) of your podcast as a preview for audiences. 

However, if you intend to do the podcast through live streaming, this type of promotion is impossible. Thus, you need other formats to promote your content.

Image and written posts are also great to support your overall promotion effort. You can post a picture of your guests and ask them to promote your podcast on their social media. In addition, make sure to cross-promote on any social media that you have.

2. Invite a guest

Inviting a guest can bring a great impact to attracting viewers or listeners. The guests can be celebrities, influencers, or experts related to the topic.

Oftentimes, a podcast host invites celebrities or influencers to do interviews related to their life. It can also be proposed as a marketing strategy to reach broader audiences.

Moreover, inviting expert guests helps you develop trust and bond with audiences. Make sure to invite experts that are competent and have good exposure to the public.

3. Constantly publish contents

Your first podcast may not perform as well as you expected or to put it simply, it’s a total flop. What’s scarier is that it can happen more than once. When your podcast doesn’t generate many audiences, that’s the real challenge you need to overcome.

The only way to solve the crisis is to keep going, nothing else. Don’t stop just because you fail in the first few steps. Some content creators finally gain popularity after consistently creating and publishing content on their social media.

Therefore, you just need to come up with a list of topic ideas. Then, make plans to execute them one at a time to keep your podcast series running no matter what happens.

4. Broaden the mailing list and send an email newsletter

Another podcast marketing strategy that you need to consider is doing an email newsletter for your audiences. Email newsletter helps you build a relationship with your audiences. Also, always consider broadening your mailing list over time.

Every time you’re about to upload a new podcast, you can send an email newsletter about the topic and guests if any. If possible, you may explain to them briefly about the topic and why you choose it.

5. Be interactive with audiences

Communication is everything for a long-lasting relationship. That also applies to the relationship between you as a podcast host and your audiences. 

Especially if you conduct podcasts as a marketing strategy, it’s important to build a bond by responding to their questions or reactions on social media or during the podcast.

6. Come up with a new topic for your niche

A way to attract many audiences is by bringing a new topic or point of view within your niche. Find a topic that your competitors haven’t covered yet. This requires you to be creative to come up with a fresh idea.

To help you develop authentic podcast content, you may consider taking your time to study your competitor, target audience, and recent trends.

7. Convert audio podcasts into text

Improving your SEO content helps your podcast be more visible in the search engine. You can take some time to turn your podcast content into written text.

This can be in the form of a downloadable PDF or a long caption on a description box (especially for YouTube). If you create an audio-video podcast, add subtitles and time stamps to make your audiences can conveniently choose certain topics.

After your podcast is published, you may also offer audiences the PDF transcription via email by signing up for your newsletter. 


The bottom line of all that being said, creating a podcast is a promising way to get audiences since its popularity is estimated to keep increasing. However, you still need strategies in order to yield the results that you expected.

The seven points of podcast marketing strategy above can help you optimize and maximize your podcast performance on any platform. Remember to plan and promote your content. Last but not least, always be creative and provide the best service to your audiences.


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