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by Jaynish Shah
January 13, 2022
Breakout Audio Netwoking Platform

Breakout Audio App is the new way to listen to insightful conversations happening around the globe in real time! Breakout brings you an opportunity to host your own virtual meeting stage where you can create an amazing audio experience unlike any other. Create your own rooms, invite people, talk with your friends and share your ideas without thinking about where you are, what time it is or how you would look.

New to Breakout? Let’s understand how you can use the app and connect with the world the new way!

Explore the hallway!

The first screen you will see when you open the Breakout Audio app. All the interesting rooms happening around your interest and topics are happening here! You can see the names of the rooms and who are a part of these discussions from here, without joining in!

An amazing feature Breakout offers is, you can listen to the ongoing conversations by long pressing the ‘hold to listen’ button on the hallway. Don’t worry, you would not become a part of these conversations. If you like the conversation happening inside, tune in or go ahead and find the best room you can find next!

Inside the Breakout Room

When you are in your favourite room, you will join as an audience as default. You can see three buttons – Exit from the room, Microphone on/off button and Speaker button. These three buttons help you to make the most out of the Breakout app.

If you want to quietly leave the room, you can press the exit button. To speak up, you can click your microphone on the button. (for that, you would need to become a speaker in the conversation) If you want to become a speaker, you can tap the ‘loudspeaker’ icon and let them know.

When you want to share your thoughts, just unmute yourself and mute yourself when you want to stop. Easy steps to give and gain thoughts in the room.

Explore Upcoming Rooms

In the bottom of your screen, you will see a calendar icon next to your home button! This is the place where you can explore some future rooms. Rooms can be free or premium. Unlock your reward points and use them to join rooms from your favourite creators on Breakout rooms.

All you need to do is just click on the “RSVP” button and the Breakout app will automatically send you notifications 10 minutes before the room begins. For premium rooms, you will only pay the coins if you join the session.

If you schedule a room for future conversations, you will be able to see your rooms under ‘My Rooms’ section.

Create and express yourself

Breakout is one of a kind Audio Networking Platform that brings everyone together without any boundaries. We do not limit you to consume content from your favourite creators. Become a creator and host your own premium or free rooms to build your audience, interact with them and grow your network bigger!

Just Click on the ‘+’ button name your room, add description and select who can join the chat. You can also record a room description if you want to give an idea what your chats are going to be about! Hit the Breakout button and boom, let your audience join the room and exchange thoughts/

To schedule a room, you can click on the top right ‘+’ of the room, add descriptions, select your options to make it premium, branded and privacy for the particular session and schedule.

Show-off your style

Breakout gives you options to customize your profile. From setting up your profile picture to putting Hooks (audio stories that stays on the platform for 24 hours once you upload).Put out your audio status, the rooms you are going to host soon and recordings of your previous sessions as well.

Select your interests to customize the feed, invite people, select your notification preferences, and check the community guidelines. There is everything available in the App’s setting section where you can get even more information and traction on your profile.

Breakout Tokens

You can earn breakout tokens when you achieve a milestone. From selecting your interests, scheduling a room, inviting your friends – you earn more as you use the app!

Use these coins to join premium rooms, get badges and much more! Flaunt your badges in front of your friends and show support to your community!

Mark your territory / Get the Centre Stage

With Breakout, unlock the potential to network better. Get the centrestage and share your views with the listeners by breaking all the boundaries and limitations.

Premium Rooms

Breakout offers a platform for users to host a room where they can provide service (advise or coaching on any particular topic of interest) and get paid directly. 

Breakout offers premium rooms for users to join in with BreakoutTokens and or with their cards. Token amount is decided by the host based on the service/value provided.

Host can create a room to provide a service for the audience. Host can allow audience to join using breakout tokens or by paying pre determined amount directly to host.  

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