Tips for Marketing a Brand on Audio Social Networks

by Breakout Team
July 12, 2022
marketing brand with audio networks

Since the release of the Breakout Audio app, our users are growing at tremendous speeds. The Breakout Audio app was released on the 11th of June 2021. It has completed a year and now it is providing a very smooth and user-friendly experience.

Our application has many unique features like creating your audio room, you can also use BeeSearch. Our application also provides utilities to every user.

So by looking at this application many people may have a question: can businesses be promoted on this platform? Can I build my personal brand on this platform? Will Breakout audio help me promote my products, service and business on the platform effectively?

So, let’s take a deep look at the Breakout Audio application. What exactly can the  Breakout application do?

What is a Breakout Audio App?

Breakout is a premiere audio networking application that helps users build their audio networks, talk to people in personal audio rooms, listen to their friends and favorite content creators on the platform.

On the app, you can promote your business with the help of influencers,  industry experts, entrepreneurs, and professionals. The Breakout app shows the posts and rooms to the audience according to their taste and preference in the platform.

Breakout audio is not only business-friendly, it is also user-friendly, too. The experience on this application is seamless. You can filter their Activity field according to your taste and 

preference. So the audience or the user sees the thighs which interest them. We also have BeeSearch feature on the app that helps you check the facts on the go. Audience can easily check the facts which they might have come across while scrolling. So, this way false information, fake news or spam messages can be avoided from spreading on the internet. This way the user is updated with proper information along with facts.

Breakout audio app also has features to promote your businesses on the platform. From our application, you can create a  room where you can host your company’s branded room with your company logo and link to your company’s website. So, the audience can drop in to the live audio room where they can do a discussion and from that audio room they can also visit your website.

In breakout you can also receive the messages. With this feature, you can easily connect with your potential customers. You can also get compliments and feedback about your company from the existing customers.

Along with all these features breakout also provides one more feature which is “Breakout analytics”. This feature lets you know the social media reach of your company. On the analytics section. We provide you insightful data like how many people followed you, how many people have unfollowed you, how much engagement your last audio received and so on. So, these data sets can help you to create even more creative content in the future.

Tips for promoting your brand on Breakout

Here are the seven interesting tips for your brand to follow to grow on Breakout audio app.

Optimize your bio

Bio is an important part of your business profile. And, we recommend you to always update your bio according to the business offerings and the right information.

For your Breakout profile, you can add information about the company, its logo, website information and how to reach out to your information. So, the audience scrolling through your profile can click on the link of your website and can get full information about your business through your website.

You should avoid entering false information as it may attract customers but the customer will not make the purchase again from your brand. Thus the retention will fall and CLV (customer lifetime value) will fall.

Host an audio room

Breakout audio rooms offer you an amazing way to interact with your potential customers in real-time. a discussion on a particular topic from this room. You can call an audience through the link and you can keep a discussion section on rooms. 

There are many types of rooms available in the Breakout app. But, there are especially two types of rooms that could be useful for branding or promoting your business.

There are Branded rooms and Premium rooms so from branded rooms you can update and send a request to breakout for customizing your audio room, so from this you can add the name of the company, logo, and the Description of the company in the room. This will help to promote your brand.

The feature of premium rooms will allow you to collect an entree fee from your audience. THis will help you monetize your audio content. With fruitful discussions and more engaging times will lead you to earn even more revenue from the creator economy.

Collaborate with audio influencers

Breakout marketplace is an amazing audio marketplace where people can list their audio gigs and  their time to host a room for you. There are already many influencers listed on the platform where brands can come and do collaboration with them in order to grow.

Breakout marketplace also has a feature to secure the transaction with an escrow wallet. That gives an extra layer of security for both brands and influence.

Upload the content regularly

It is advisable to upload the content or the post regarding your brand on Breakout. By doing this, you can increase the visibility of the company. When you post regarding the company regularly then people will remember the name of the company and while pursuing a similar product the consumer will prefer to purchase the product from four brands.

BeeSearch promotions

BeeSearch not only helps the users on the platform fight with the fake news and information. BeeSearch also helps brands promote their products and services on the platform by running search engines.

When users search for any query related to your brand, you can show them your ads.

Respond to the comments and messages

As a brand, you should always respond to all the messages and comments of the consumers. As there might be some feedback and doubts which should be solved by the brand right away as they receive.

Consumers are the users of the product so they definitely know about the problems of the product. So it is the duty of the brand to solve the problems of the consumer. And companies should always give a positive response to their consumers. As it is said that the consumer is the king. 

Use Breakout Analytics

Breakout provides analytics in the application for free to everyone. This can help your social media marketing team to measure their reach, performance and engagement on the profile. While you work on your next Breakout session, you can use these data to get things done.


Breakout audio is one of a kind social audio app that helps businesses to get the eyeballs they deserve. If you are new to the platform, you can start learning about how to use and grow with the app on our help section.

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