How to Make Your First Dollar From Social Media?

by Bhargav Patel
January 12, 2023
Making your first dollar online on social media

The internet is filled with thousands of success stories from people who made their first $1 from social media platforms and now running successful businesses. We know that code, media, technology, are permissionless leverage. That simply means, you can initiate working on these niches without any third person approval and scale up rapidly.

As we know there are tons of success stories, but no one is ready to teach you how you can start generating your revenue from social media platforms and grow. Well, here is our guide that will help you to make your first dollar from the social media platform and internet, which you can follow and start growing your business or personal brand online.

Steps to start generating income from social media platform

Here are four basic steps that you need to follow to start earning money from social media platforms.

Select the right social media platform

The first step to grow your audience is to understand where to start and what to do. Well, if you have decided the niche you will be working on to create content in the future, you should consider selecting the right social media platform to begin with.

Various social media platforms have their own specialties and audiences to play around. For example, if you think your content and products you would try to pitch would attract a more mature and business audience, then you can select a B2B social networking platform to promote your personal brand. For relatively younger and enthusiastic audiences, you can select the relative platforms.

You can check statistics like active users on the platform, median age group of users, gender ratio, and engagement rate on your peer’s posts on those platforms to begin with.

Once you get the platform of your choice locked, you should work on what kind of content you would love to create. For example, you will get better reach and engagements on a platform for short videos and for audio posts, you would get better reach on other platforms. Try to figure out what kind of content format you will work on to publish your fresh content on the social network.


These steps will help you to smoothly start getting better engagements and audience discovery from day one.

Start creating content

Once you know your audience, you have chosen your platform, and have decided the content format to work with, you can start creating content for your profiles. We know that social media algorithms push one type of content that is adopted widely by its users.

So, start creating the content that works for your growth and is adopted by the wide variety of the audience. Once you start creating content, every social networking platform has their own analytics. That will help you to gain insight about what posts are getting more traction or what kind of audience is reacting to your content.

By learning this, you can keep working on the content.

Be consistent & turn yourself into persuasive machine

Once you have a content publishing cycle set; be consistent. Try to collaborate with peers and friends in a similar niche. This will help you to boost your profile to a wider audience.

Collaboration often leads to amazing outcomes. Try getting mentions to your profile from friends and influencers. Take advantage of co-hosting audio events on Breakout, go live on video with various social networks, and get more exposure.

The goal is to get as many eyeballs you can get. This will help you to gain confidence from the audience in your profile, improve your authenticity, and generate better visibility on similar audiences.

The how to part

As the time goes by, once you improve authenticity and your content becomes converting; you can start implementing various monetization methods on your social media platforms.

First thing is to figure out what! Once you have a clear understanding of how your audience is engaging with your content, you would be able to find out what kind of monetization way would be helpful for you!

Various monetization ideas include:

  • Platform advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online courses
  • Getting newsletter signups
  • Gated content
  • Brand collaborations and more

Find out minimum two streams of income that will work with your profile. Select the right tools that will help you to nurture your relationships with the client. For this, you can use sales outreach tools, affiliate marketing tools, analytics tools, or social media post scheduling software.

Once you start getting an audience on your content, you can direct them to make decisions from your active social media campaigns and start generating revenue from the same.

How should your content be?

Well, there is a lot of buzz that you should be consistent and should create more content in order to gain more followers & engagement on your social media posts. But, do you know what kind of content you should create?

Here are the three points that will help you create better content and scale on social media platforms:

The hook

Create hooks in your content. Either the starting of your content should be engaging that keeps the audience attracted to your content till the end of it or the end should be interesting that should keep the audience engaged for the entire content length.

Make sure your content induces curiosity in your audience. This should help you to generate more shares on social media platforms and external views as well. For instance, if you are providing information that has never been published by your peers, the users will find it even more interesting and rewarding to watch.


Try to include as much value adding insights you can put in your videos, podcast, audio rooms, blogs, or images. Once you start producing content at scale, you will be able to get better at copywriting. This will help you significantly improve your engagements and new connections.

Insights, data, and numbers are one of the best ways to keep your audience hooked to your long or short form content. Try to give as much information as possible via your content.

Actionable language

If you want to convert your social media accounts and platform into a revenue generating mechanism, try to put actionable language in your content. This should direct your audience to make their purchase decisions online.

This will lead you to generate revenue from your social media profile. Thus, having an actionable language is important for your posts.


So, if you are an aspiring social media content creator who would like to generate their first $1 from the social networks or would love to convert it to a full-time opportunity, this guide would come handy for you.

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