Is Podcasting Broken?

by Bhargav Patel
March 12, 2022
Is Podcasting Dying?

Do you know that the top 10 listened podcasts in 2021 are more than 7 years old?
You heard it right. According to Edison Research, the top 10 podcasts are more than 7 years
old, and three of the top 5 are a decade old.
This seems to be a challenging time for podcasts. There are hundreds of podcasts released
every day. But what’s the reason behind the declination of these audio platforms?
This article will try to tell you everything regarding the podcast industry and if podcasting is
broken. So, let’s dive in.

What Does The Data Suggest?

Data To Show That The Podcast Industry Is Declining

According to Brandastic, half of the population in the US has listened to a podcast. Further,
there are 700,000 active podcasts available. But 26% of these podcasts have produced only a
single episode.
So, people are not finding podcasts interactive. That doesn’t mean podcasts have died
completely. There are still podcasters like Joe Rogan, Alex Cooper, and others producing some

People Are Looking For Other Options

Podcasts did not get popular the way existing social media achieved. But still, Spotify, Apple
Podcasts, Pandora, and other platforms are growing gradually.
Since some people are still attached to visual social media and others are looking for something
new, an alternative to podcasts. One excellent option can be social audio apps, such as

4 Reasons Behind Fall Of Podcasts In Recent Years

1. The Audio Market Is Getting Saturated

When podcasts started taking off to a start, many reputed platforms grabbed the opportunity. As
a result, the audio market has seen the cutthroat market competition, resulting in a tricky entry
for new podcasters.
There are millions of podcasts available today. But our point is that there is no way to enter such
a market, where you need to compete with already settled big platforms. They are already
spending more money on podcasts.

2. No Big Hits In Recent Years

Podcasts released five or ten years ago have a better opportunity than the newly launched. The
older podcasts took years to build an audience base and are leading podcasts today.
That’s the reason why the top 10 podcasts available on the internet are more than seven years
old. Furthermore, people generally rely on word of mouth or recommendations before going
through a new podcast.

3. An Issue With Audio Quality And Pandering

One more aspect is maintaining clear audio quality, especially when the guest is remote.
As there are already millions of options available, do you think people will wait? Therefore, if
people do not get clear audio of the podcasters, they will bounce back.
Some podcasts release their episodes weekly. The fact is that most of the audience can’t wait to
hear until you have a great audience base and that power in your voice that attracts the
While many new podcasters regularly ask their loyal listeners for subscriptions which are not
good. If someone really likes your podcast, then the person will definitely subscribe and stick to

4. Lack Of Proper Strategy

We have seen how Spotify bought Joe Rogan’s podcasts and Alexandra Cooper’s Call Her
Daddy rights. Their intention was to list these in their top 10 list. By doing this, their plan was to
attract more and more listeners.
We are not saying that the top players are not investing in new talents, but they don’t have the
proper strategy for producing original content. However, they don’t want to waste a tremendous
amount of money on new shows.
Spotify has invested $500 million for just three studios. It doesn’t mean the new podcasts can’t
be hits. It can be if proper planning, execution, and marketing are done.

Breakout Can Help You

No one wants to enter a saturated market. Neither you as a podcaster nor your customer as an
Instead, podcasters are looking for an option that helps them produce hassle-free content with a
good base of listeners.
Breakout app is an audio social network platform that allows you to create different audio
content easily. Since the platform is multiplying in the audio podcast world, there lies a great
opportunity if you are planning to start an audio podcast.
It allows you to create Premium and Branded Rooms where all the controls lie in your hand. You
can customize your audio room according to your needs and requirements.
Additionally, it allows you to increase your brand awareness if you have a business and want to
grow here. Furthermore, creating a room is quite convenient and easy with their dedicated apps
on iOS and Android.
The best thing is that Breakout doesn’t violate your freedom of speech like other social
networks. It has also partnered with DataVault, which allows you to control your privacy.
Breakout audio networking app also has many excellent features like BeeSearch (search engine
in the app) and dashboard (for analytics). You also get tokens and trophies with engagement,
invitation, and room scheduling.


1. Should you start a podcast in 2022?

If you believe you can engage the audience with your voice, you must start a podcast. And
make sure to choose a niche that is suitable for you. Try to understand the needs of the market
before selecting your niche.

2. Why do most podcasts fail?

As a podcaster, you need to know that a podcast is not about talking about random topics. The
main reasons could be lack of focus, quality, execution, and marketing.

3. What are the challenges while starting a podcast?

Choosing the right niche, creating fresh content, staying up-to-date to trends, monetizing your
content marketing strategy, and building an audience base.

4. Is there any alternative to podcasts?

Yes. Breakout audio social media app is feature-rich and provides you the power to create
audio content and interact with your audience.


Audio is here to stay. However, with attention spans of humans dwindling to less than that of a goldfish, your podcast must be something that answers & what’s in it for for your audience.
So, this was all about whether the podcast is still a thing to go within the current situation.
Podcasting requires patience. It’s a slow process where you grow gradually with time and make
a strong listeners base. However, if you want a better way to engage your target audience,
Breakout is your answer.

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