How to Host Your Talk Shows Online?

by Breakout Team
April 30, 2022
hosting online talk shows

If your eyes get glued to the screen while watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show or The Oprah Winfrey Show, you want the same with your audience — welcome.

With the help of inexpensive digital technologies today, hosting a talk show is no longer limited to TVs. You can use the internet and become the next sensation in your niche.

This article will show you the best channels to host your talk shows online and how you can ensure and set your performance up for success. 

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5 Best Channels to Host Your Talk Shows

There are a variety of channels available in the market where you can host your talk shows. Since you are looking forward to initiating your talk show for the first time, choosing from budget-free social media platforms is the best option.

1. Breakout

Breakout is one of the fastest-growing audio social networks, rapidly changing how we perceive audio. Here, you can create rooms to host your live talk shows and interact with your audience in real-time.

Further features like BeeSearch and BeeAnalytic puts it way ahead of the other apps. You can perform a web search without even leaving your talk show and analyze your BeeAnalytics to improve it.

2. Instagram

Instagram is one of the successful social media networks available worldwide. Nowadays, many Instagram influencers are earning money through the marketing gigs that are flowing their way due to the presence of followers. 

Hosting your talk show on Instagram can improve your reach and promote it to the next level. You can use Instagram’s live stream feature to go on live with your guest and interact in real-time while hosting the show.

Instagram works best if your niche is well-suited for 18-35 years old.

3. Facebook

Despite the negative image Facebook has recently garnered, it is still one of the best platforms to host your talk shows, with over 2.9 billion people using it daily.

Facebook is similar to Instagram, but it is also popular among old-age generations. Moreover, there are communities on Facebook where you can go live and host your talk show.

4. YouTube

YouTube is the best place to upload or promote any video content. This global platform offers you the opportunity to reach millions of clients through a single video. This platform can be a perfect opportunity for you to achieve the target customers on time.

But the competition on this channel is higher, and it is necessary to deliver the best content from the start to attract attention. The scope for earning is higher on this platform through google ads. This facility is not available on any other platform.

5. Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is another addition of features to the Twitter social media network. It works similar to Breakout and uses audio. You can conduct live talk shows and post multiple recorded audios and videos for your audience.

There are already millions of people using this platform, so you can use it to gain some traction.

Guide to Making a Good Talk Show

A good talk show focuses on providing value to its audience and inspires them to take action in real life. Several factors make a good talk show, but the most important ones include digestibility, availability, and value. 

Let’s see how you will plan your talk show to achieve the success it deserves.

Plan Out

A good talk show is about reaching the people through simplicity and quality. So if you fail to plan, your plan will fail. Before starting your talk show, figure out things you’ll need — software, tools, equipment, and human-assistant to produce.

Develop Your Idea and Niche

Initially, decide on the genre of your talk show and plan out the entire show with sketches and references. Then narrow down your idea and finalize your niche based on your skills and expertise.

Choose Where You’ll Host

Choose the right platform for hosting your talk show. This platform can be a social media network where you can live and talk with your guests. If you’re camera-shy, you’d want to try Breakout.

Find Guests

Next, find some guests with whom you’re going to talk. Don’t hesitate; most people are happy to help and besides, let them know your talk show will increase their visibility on the internet.

As a host, keep your talking to the minimum and allow your guests to express their views with no interference.

Act on the Feedback

Create a format for your talk show and keep it up throughout the year with minute alterations based on the feedback you receive.

Keep a Recording

Whether your talk show is in audio or video, ensure you record your live talk shows and post them on other social media networks for audiences who couldn’t make it for the live show.

Reuse Your Content: Make It Audio

If you have uploaded multiple talk shows on your social media handles as a video, then you have the opportunity to repurpose and republish them as audios. 

Use the Breakout app. It offers you a chance to promote your content in the form of audio and voices that provides you more visibility (audio doesn’t require your attention to be fixated on a digital screen). Further, since audio is the future, you’ll be future-safe with your talk shows.


The success of a perfect talk show lies within the quality of the content. If you are looking forward to improving your available content and creating new ones, follow the steps given above. You can also alter your video content and background details to provide a new genre in the current social media network. 

We hope this article will help you create your best talk show ever and make the world better with the knowledge and fun you’ll impart from it.

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