What are branded rooms? How to host one?

by Breakout Team
February 23, 2022

What is a Branded Audio room?

Branded rooms are special rooms for influencers and brands to host events at scale. If you are a brand of social media influencer, you can host branded rooms with your custom branding theme and customizable icons.

Are branded rooms free to host?

We offer branded rooms to every brand interested in promoting their products and services to their audience by charging fees. Brands can request us to host their branded rooms at [email protected] to get started.

Who can apply for branded rooms?

Both brands and creators on Breakout Audio App can apply to get branded rooms.

What happens if you host branded audio rooms?

Breakout Branded Audio Rooms lets you host customized rooms for both private and global audiences.

If you are running an online event or need to bring your audience in a customized room that represents your presence and follow a certain brand guidelines – then Branded Audio rooms will help you to do it.

You can send invitations to your active and potential users, get a feed post to let users join you and an optional control to make your room content premium for users.

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