How Users and Brands can Take Advantage of Live Audio Rooms?

by Bhargav Patel
March 22, 2022
Growing Brands with Audio Apps

Believe it or not, storytelling helps people to build a strong bond: we have stories from childhood to reshare with family, stories of college fun with friends, that first love interest’s quick story, a success story for colleagues, and inspiring stories for the world. Speech, voice, and language help to lay the foundation for how we connect with each other. And that is the reason why we find the audio experience more intimate and immersive. It has the power to make us feel in the same room with the people even if we are miles apart. The beauty of audio platforms is that you can share your personal story or join the bandwagon of live audio rooms for global conversation without worrying about the bad hair day or social anxiety. 

Why do people prefer audio content over other formats of content?

With the rise in the use of social media in the last decade, our day begins by checking notifications, messages, and the status of people from family, friends, or even strangers. Even unknown people give us anxiety, panic attacks with their beautiful status. On the other hand, imagine a platform where there are no videos, just audio, in fact, a live audio room where you as a user can participate in the talk while the brand using audio marketing can show the human side.

The human voice is such a powerful tool that a tongue can paint what the eyes can’t see. The human voice is a blessed organ as it gives context, warmth, tone, and nuance, which might not be possible through text, images. It is the human voice that allows us to trust as it helps to create an emotional connection at the other end. A study shows that active digital audio listeners spent 2 hours and 5 minutes in 2020 and it will likely increase this year. 

Firstly, the experience of audio content format is very much different from others as with it, it becomes easy to interact. Whether you are at the gym, commuting, doing home chores, or whatever else, you can listen to the content whereas in other formats you especially have to spare time to watch the content. Along with the fact that it becomes easy to consume the content throughout the day. Besides that, big brands have already invested thousands of dollars in the social audio industry as they know it is the next booming thing. It is the platform where it opens the communication gate from both ends through a live audio room.  

What are the Benefits of Live Audio Rooms for Users?

  1. Save yourself from screen fatigue

    Research states that spending a long time in front of the screen leads to fatigue and anxiety in the long run. But with the social audio platform, you can save yourself from such fatigue and other health issues. You can participate in live audio rooms without actually looking at the screen. Isn’t it fantastic, who can ask for more, right?

  2. Say NO to Social Anxiety

    The audio room can save you from social anxiety as you don’t have to show your face or dress well for the screen. Oftentimes people have great content to put into the social world, but due to social anxiety about certain beauty standards, they hesitate to put it in the video or image format. Meanwhile, in the audio room, it is just the voice that can do wonders and you can just state your opinion without the fear of any standard judgments and comments.

  3. Multitasking

    The beauty of the live audio room is that you can multitask while listening to the conversation. Unlike other live video calls where you have to present and focus on one particular thing. You can be an active participant while traveling, cooking, exercising, or anything else.

How Brands can Benefit from Live Audio Rooms

  1. Raise awareness

    Live audio rooms are one of the best ways to raise awareness about the brand amongst potential consumers and consumers. Once a brand is able to capture audience attention then they can share stories, vision, and mission of the brand, which can help in strengthening the emotional bond between user and brand.

  2. Allow brands to share stories

    Since on the other hand there is no visual or distraction, with audio live room, brands can try to connect with the audience on a deeper level. It helps the brands and users to connect on a more personal level, which helps brands to bag loyal customers forever.

  3. Help brands advertise their products/services

    It also provides the platform for the brand to advertise its products and services to the direct audience. They can market their business through various formats like sponsoring talks, audio influencer talks, direct talk, etc.

  4. Real-Time feedback

    You can actually get the feedback in real-time which can help you as a brand to improve. These may be the feedback directly from the customers and which on implementing into actual products and services can help to win trust and loyalty of the customers.

  5. Generate leads

    One of the prime advantages of using a live audio room is that you can generate leads for B2B, B2C, and D2C customers without spending much money. Just ensure to let your customers talk even if he is faulting the brands, here patience is the prime key. Once they are done talking, try to make them understand your brand’s point of view. Even then if you two are not agreeing on the same grounds, it helps to earn respect from the customer for your brand.  

Wrapping up

In this piece of writing, we have weighed the benefits that users and brands can avail of using the audio app. Try out the Breakout app to experience the social audio app benefits that we had mentioned in this writing. Regardless of who you are, a brand or user, ensure to embrace the human side of this beautiful technology. We are eager to know what you will be talking about in your live audio room?

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