Breakout Audio : How do audio rooms work?

by Breakout Team
February 23, 2022

Breakout Audio rooms are the place where the magic happens.

You can join the audio rooms by clicking on the live session card on the Breakout Activities. Once in the room, you will by default join the ‘audience’ section. You can ask the hosts to make you a speaker if you want to make a point or ask a question.

As a speaker, you can select whether to speak or not. When you want your voice to be heard, you can simply activate your microphone by clicking on the mic button at the bottom of the screen and vice versa.

To stop listening to the room conversations on temporary basis, you can mute the room by clicking on the speaker button at the bottom of your phone screen

To leave a conversation, you can simply tap on the leave room button and the app will prompt you with a message if you really want to leave or not.

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