Play It By Ear: Future of Social media is Audio

by Bhargav Patel
March 8, 2022
the future of social media

It’s been over 10 years now…

We have been scrolling up, down, right and left for every single day! 

But, it seems, It’s time to give your thumb a rest. 

There’s a new kid on the block! It’s the social audio platform.

From the past five years, screen fatigue has risen to dangerous levels, thanks to Wi-Fi, social media platforms, video streaming etc. People are looking for new ways to entertain, that does not require watching the screen.

That’s where social audio apps like Breakout fill the void. 

In this article we will cover why social audio apps have skyrocketed in popularity and how businesses can use them to their advantage. 

Here’s Why We Think Future of Marketing is Audio 

When pandemic swept in early spring in 2020, it created an unsettling quietness in our lives. Many people were stuck away from family in another state, another country. This brought an immense need to have intimate interactions. 

That’s where audio social media filled the voice. But everyone thought of it as a fad. I will soon go away, they said. 

But, it didn’t. And it’s surely here to stay. 

Social audio has stood the test of time and is thriving after the pandemic. So, you might be wondering if your brand is the right fit for audio-only marketing orif you should include audio in your strategy. 

The answer is big YES! 

You can build a loyal following by leveraging audio social media and also make your brand more human and accessible.

Here’s why we think that:

  • It’s authentic: Unlike visual social media platforms where visuals are far from reality, audio social media provides authentic connection. The audio is the most raw medium. Audio mediums like podcasts,  live audio rooms capture storytelling more authentically than any other mainstream media. 
  • Real-time feedback: As an entrepreneur, you will get tons of ideas every day. Some of them are great while others not so much. Audio social networking platforms Breakout provides opportunities to businesses, entrepreneurs to kick around with their ideas and get instant feedback. Having people in your industries provide instant input can help you refine your ideas in real time and validate them.
  • Audio content let’s people multitask: There are several moments where you just can’t watch the screen and work at the same time. It’s either you work or just watch the intent to understand the context. But, that’s not the case with audio. You or your customers can listen to audio interactions while doing other work such as gardening, cooking, commuting.  Audio content is perfect for passive consumption and gives your business a perfect way to reach an audience where video content cannot. 
  • Lead Generation: Many businesses have faced this situation at least once. Sometimes a potential lead knocks at their door, but due to delay in response, the lead is gone. That’s not the case with audio social media. With Breakout, you can capture leads lives. For example, you can create audio rooms or events where people can participate in discussions with you. And you can ask them to download a free source from the bio, or take an action in real time.

How to Cultivate Connection Through Audio Social Media 

We’ve said it earlier, and will repeat it again. Audio social media is about developing an authentic connection with other people. It is simply not about being the most powerful or being popular. 

1. Position Yourself As A Thought Leader 

Social audio platforms are perfect to share expertise in domains. Deliver useful advice through QA sessions with experts and leaders in the niche. The key here is to set aside some time to let the audience ask questions. Don’t forget, real value on audio apps like Breakout comes by sharing authentic content and not by being promotional. 

For instance, a supplement brand called Heights, managed to gain 51.5k following on audio social media by positioning themselves as a thought leader in the supplement industry. They have hosted QA sessions with other experts on topics like health, mental health, sleep etc. 

2. Start Informal Chats 

Users are longing for opportunities to create genuine connections. Almost 78% of people view brands as facilitators of connection. And connections start with genuine conversations. 

Social audio platforms cut through overtly edited messages and bring authenticity to the content. To facilitate these connections, brands and businesses cna host informal chats without the motive of monetizing it. 

3. Host Virtual Events 

A survey revealed that 91% of people feel more optimistic about brands following an event. With the future of mass events very uncertain, audio social apps provide a golden opportunity to host live audio only events and build a human connection. 

Main benefits with these virtual events are that hosts do not need to rent a venue or hire people to manage large crowds. 

Yuhmmy, a California based grocery delivery app hosted a live virtual event for users interested in hearing audio talent. It is a good way to promote brand awareness. 

7 Business Model You Can Leverage With Audio Social Media 

One question that is most commonly asked by businesses is, how to monetize audio social media? Due to its content format, monetizing audio can be tough but not impossible. 

Jeremiah Owyang, the founder behind web-strategist, has been studying technology trends for years. After deep analysis of social audio platforms, he has provided over 20 business models for audio networking apps. 

Here we have listed the seven models out of 20 that businesses can leverage to monetize audio social media. 

1. Event sponsorship and promotions

In this, marketers and businesses can sponsor an on platform events like conference, audio rooms that aligns with their overall business objectives. Businesses can also host a brand sponsored conversation with influencers. 

2. Live Review 

Businesses and marketers can use the products while having a conversation on social audio platforms or rooms that are dedicated to reviewing the product or services. 

3. Peer to Peer Community 

Businesses can also form a peer to peer community around their brand and services. Social audio platforms provide a  perfect place to gather and converse on the go. Popular brands leverage peer to peer communities are Airstream. 

4. Live Education 

It can be like a masterclass power-packed with information. With a bite sized learning and the ability to converse live with instructors. Social audio platforms provide an excellent opportunity to offer unparalleled access to experts. Think what can your company teach customers that they can find valuable? 

5. Advertising 

Brands can advertise their products and services on other audio rooms or podcasts through the host. It can be either pre

6. Tipping Model 

Tipping a popular model in restaurants. Where people tip the waiters 5% or 10% of the bill as appreciation for their services. Marketers or businesses can monetize audio rooms with a tipping model where listeners can tip you if they like your content. 

7. Subscription Model

Last but not least, brands can try subscription models to give access to premium users. Subscription models are popular on Twitch, YouTube, Substack and Twitter.

Social Audio In Nutshell 

Are you ready for audio? If not, then it’s time. People are craving for genuine connections with brands and businesses they buy from. Use your voice to develop meaningful connections and bridge the gap between people and content. 

Check out Breakout, a leading social audio platform for businesses to create an authentic connection with the audience.

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