Audio Social’s Potential: How Audio Can Help You Grow

by Breakout Team
April 21, 2022
Unlock the potential of audio social app Breakout

Are you wondering why social audio can be an impactful platform to grow your business? 

Social audio platforms have been in the spotlight for the last couple of years. Many brands and businesses have shifted to audio platforms in recent years. We will tell you how you can grow with the audio platform.

During the pandemic, most businesses worked remotely. They depended on video networks. According to research, more usage of such apps increased screen time and impacted mental health. Audio social media emerged as an alternative.

The next several years will be a true game-changer for businesses, thanks to a rapid increase in demand and the emergence of audio-first social channels. Whether you are an individual or a business, you don’t need to appear visually like video networks. You need a solid and captivating voice to engage your listeners.

Future is Audio

Do you know that social audio apps have reached more than 20 million downloads in the previous year? According to research, audio apps will be a gamechanger for businesses and communities.

Most business operations are happening online through video conferencing and social media. Audio social media has shown that it has the potential to settle its roots in the online world. 

India’s renowned music distribution label recently hosted an event on an audio platform that received a 16k audience.

So, you can imagine that it has been growing massively. It wouldn’t be wrong if we notified audio social apps to be the future of social media. The use of social audio will expand, and people will continue to adapt it in upcoming years.

Breakout stands ahead with its unique features in the list of social audio apps. It has allowed individuals to grow their community and business to improve their business growth. Here is how Breakout is beneficial to you.

Grow Your Business or Community With Breakout Audio Rooms

Since the businesses have realized the potential of audio social media, they have started to create their presence and started promoting their products and services here.

In this way, Breakout offers two types of audio rooms for you to choose from.

Both have their benefits. Let’s see how it can help you create a client base for your business.

  1. Breakout Premium Rooms
  2. Breakout Branded Rooms

Breakout Premium Rooms

If you are a small business or individual recently introduced to social audio apps, you can start with Breakout Premium Rooms. Though it has limited features, it is a great way to start with this room. You need to create a space and host your business meetings and community meet-up.

It can be paid or free, depending upon you. In the beginning, you can either let people join the room free of cost or charge them a small amount.

Breakout also offers Breakout Tokens which one can earn by engaging with the app. They are allowed to join premium paid rooms. It’ll increase the number of people in your room.

You can start as a community. It would help if you were a strong speaker to engage your audience. You can hire small influencers if you are unavailable for the session. You can introduce your product and services.

There is also a feature called Audio Hooks. It is a form of a social media story that lasts up to 24 hours. You can post daily updates regarding your business and product to reach and engage more audiences.

Breakout Branded Rooms

Breakout Branded rooms are an excellent way to expand your brand and raise awareness of your products or services. If you are already a well-settled business, you can opt for branded rooms. It allows you to set a customized theme and brand color. You can also add business details and a brand logo to make it more attractive and attentive.

Most of the people on social media are from 18-35. So, it’s better to hire a young influencer to promote your product. With social audio, these influencers must now be good conversationalists as well.

People listen to the influencers on social media because of their expertise in engaging audiences. They connect easily with the people. Conversation marketing is an art, and these influencers know better how to perform it.

They demonstrate the product so that people get attached to them. This is where you have the opportunity to increase your sales. The audience can also ask their doubts and queries during the live demonstration. And clearing their doubts will increase trust in your brand and help make a strong customer base.

Wrapping Up

Social audio social media platforms are still in their evolving phase. And you’ve seen how it will be an essential platform for businesses and communities.

So, it’s better to invest some of your time, money, and attention to growing your business. The early adapter will generate a good profit in upcoming times.

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