Deliver Immersive Sessions With Branded Audio Rooms

by Bhargav Patel
February 21, 2022
Hosting immersive live events online

We are familiar with hosting and joining live webinars, thought provoking sessions and even entertainment events live on the internet. But, if you look closely, people do end up leaving the live sessions within a few minutes once the host initiates the talk. Yes, Zoom fatigue is real and common these days. So, how about trying audio to deliver an immersive experience on your live sessions?

Studies suggest that users might end up spending an average 1 hour and 37 minutes on audio applications like podcasting and audio rooms. That is a great indicator on how audio could become your next place to host virtual sessions with the audience.

Be it a professional meeting, a comedy show or live session to discuss the burning topics of recent news and updates, Breakout audio rooms lets you create the best audio experience to entertain your audience.

Branded Audio Room is a premium feature from that lets brands and influencers customize the look and feel of the rooms. From using your brand colours to represent your presence to using specialized content to promote your audio rooms on other social media platforms, with branded rooms – you can stand out.

Why Audio Rooms and not Podcasting?

Podcasting is growing rapidly and when you think about engaging with an audience at a scale, you might think that why should one host an audio room and not upload a simple pre-recorded podcast? Well, podcasts are indeed relatively easy to produce but it misses the primary factor of creating engagements.

People love to join the live events as they are happening in real time and they can engage with the host and speaker by sending in their queries and suggestions. In the case of podcasts, one cannot interact with the host in real time and that makes it less entertaining than the live audio rooms.

Also, when you are interacting with someone in the live audio rooms, you have a feel of building a community on its own. And, we know that communities are very important for every business from getting qualified leads or nurturing the existing client relationships. Thus, using a live audio room is better than podcasting.

So, how to get started with your audio only event?

Professional audio rooms that are easy to set up

Download the Breakout Audio App on your smartphone and set up your account. Tap on the ‘+’ button on the activities section and fill in the information about the event you want to host, select the room privacy options, upload your brand assets and you are good to go!

Within minutes, you will be able to host your branded room and get ready to send invites to your audience. If you want to create a global room, the room will also make its way to the Breakout Activities section and others will be able to join the room, giving you leverage to market your products and services to an even bigger audience.

Elevate the room experience

With the low latency audio experience, you will be able to give a great experience to your listeners. There are a ton of options in the room from where the audience will be able to ask you questions, raise their hands to wait for you to react to their queries, you can make them speakers and what not! Yes, Breakout audio rooms will give you a host of options to create a lovable experience.

Once you finish your live session with people, you can also put that session recordings on your profile. This will allow you to invite more people on your profile and check the kind of content you make. So for next sessions, they can join the conversations.

Ready to elevate your audio room experience?

Come, join the revolution and include audio in your marketing stack now. Join Breakout now and start growing your following.

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