How to customize your profile picture on Breakout Audio App?

by Breakout Team
August 4, 2022

It’s very easy to customize your profile picture on the Breakout. Here are the easy steps to update your profile display picture on Breakout Audio App.

Breakout audio profiles
  1. Sign in to Breakout Audio App (iOS or Android)
  2. Go to your profile section (the right bottom corner on the app)
  3. Tap on your profile photo, you will see tree options popping up on your phone
    <image with options >

    1. Remove photo
    2. Camera
    3. Gallery
  4. Chose the action you want to take and select the right image to put or remove from there
changing profile image on breakout audio

Note: when you select the Camera or Gallery option for the first time on the app, you might need to give permission to the app to access your photos. When you remove your profile image, a default image from Breakout App will appear as your display picture.

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