Breakout introduces Activities : Hear what matters the most!

by Breakout Team
May 4, 2022
Breakout Activity Feed

Breakout audio is rolling out its new interactive feature ‘Activities’ on iOS and Android app starting today. Activities connect you with what matters the most to you. A personalized feed that serves your interest, fresh developments in the community, updates from the sounds you want to hear and an ability to share your thoughts.

You can now create, share and interact with previously recorded sessions, audio hooks, scheduled rooms, text or audio status. Breakout activities give creators an ability to express their thoughts and valuable insights with the world where people can give their feedback and add more value to make their voices and make them heard.

Breakout App Adds reactions

Breakout lets you give feedback in your unique style. You can drop a like, laugh, love, celebrate or even push the rocket button to take your favorite creator to the moon!! Comments will help you to communicate with others easily and share your thoughts without any boundaries.

Breakout activity puts you in the spotlight!

Want to support your favorite creators by giving them spotlight and help them grow? Just tap on the share button and get an option to share their rooms and notes on Breakout Activities or other apps. Your friends and community members will be able to interact with your notes in the same way.

Get the most out of the breakout activities

Scheduling a public or branded room? Don’t worry, your followers will be able to see it as an upcoming event in the breakout activities. Creators get their fair share of attention as we are not pushing random content that does not excite you.

Your breakout notes are more creative than ever. Hosting a live audio room with friends or industry leaders? Get your promotional banner created on activity feed without investing any productive time behind it.

Breakout promotes equality for the creators and gives opportunities to grow their communities at scale. So, what are you waiting for? Start hosting your audio rooms today! Link up, speak up!

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