4 Ways Breakout Branded Audio Rooms Can Help You Grow Your Brand

by Bhargav Patel
August 19, 2022
using branded audio rooms to grow brand

Businesses and marketing teams always plan and make efforts to grow their market share and revenue. When it comes to adopting and trying new tech, tools and platforms to grow brand awareness; a clever marker should never stop experimenting.

Breakout Audio App is in the buzz these days as many influencers are joining the platform to expand their reach and grow with the audio content. Creating virtual audio rooms help creators make a connection with their audience and create an environment where they can engage directly with the audience and new potential followers.

Here is how Breakout Audio App and its branded rooms can help you grow your business.

Easy to grow

Audio networking apps have taken off by acquiring millions of active users on the internet. Every week new users are joining the audio social networking apps and hosting thousands of live audio rooms on the platform.

The live audio rooms are not limited to hosting audio rooms, it gives flexibility to grow the audience, invite new users to your network, talk with the people sharing your interest and even teach the skills. Small businesses and community-led businesses would get the most benefits of audio networking apps as they can run brand awareness and loyalty programs.

At the end of the long informative chats, brands can encourage members to follow them on other social media apps and even encourage them to buy services from them.

Total control over branding

Branded rooms on Breakout app lets users customize the look and feel of the audio rooms. Where brands would be able to put their brand logo and change the background colors of the screens.

Branded rooms will typically make the audio room a white label solution. Audiences will be able to see the branding inside the room and a business will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a space where no third party ads are popping up nor competitors are getting any data benefits out of their audience.

While hosting a branded room on Breakout audio app, brands can also engage users with the in-room chat options. Brands should take advantage of the reduction in barriers and start directly answering questions coming from their potential customers. Whatever the brand will put in the app, it will return as the app will make sure the audience is having an active participation in the conversation.


Better options for engagement

As mentioned for the branding part where brands will be able to have control over the environment they are trying to promote the products & services. On top of that, brands also get an option to use amazing features such as running paid ads on the built-in search engine called Bee Search and having an option to post updates on the Breakout Activities feed.

While running paid ads on Bee Search, brands can ask the audience to use the feature on the app and their ads will be discovered over the app without leaving the app or the platform for the end users.

Majority of the audio networking apps do not have functionality of posting content on the interactive feed or a search engine. That will make users switch apps or leave the platform altogether. Which might hinder the brand’s performance. Thus, it is a great opportunity to host live audio rooms where more features can be availed to engage users.

Better audience management

It’s the primary goal of every marketing team that they will cater the right audience in their niche. You might end up spending a lot of resources and time behind marketing to people who would not become your buyer in the future; and that would be a disastrous marketing plan.

Breakout has an option where the audience can select the right niche they want to follow and engage with. Thus, marketing teams get an opportunity to cater the right audience all the time. Branded rooms can be made premium rooms or private rooms, that will allow brands to control who enters the room and who will get a chance to speak up.

Pro tip: Always make sure that you have segmented the audience and the potential customers before running a branded audio room campaign. This will help you to achieve the best outcomes for every penny spent.

Wrapping up

As a brand or a marketer, if you have a clear goal about using the audio stack into your marketing; you should definitely allocate some resources and budget in the Branded live audio rooms. This will both help you tap into new market segments and engage with the users on the go.

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