Audio Networking Apps In Live Commerce

by Bhargav Patel
March 7, 2022
Using Audio App in Live Commerce

According to a Forbes article, Austin Li and Viya, two live streaming influencers, generated over $149 million in pre-sales deposits on the first day of the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival.

The above sales figures are enough to prove that live commerce is the future of online shopping. This revolutionary method of selling has many benefits, from enhanced experience to building more brand trust.

Live commerce is not just video; it can happen with audio too. And since audio live commerce is relatively new, you have many untapped opportunities.

This article will tell you how audio live commerce might be the next big thing, its benefits and huge potential, and how you can quickly start your own audio live commerce with Breakout. This emerging audio social network has been spreading its roots in the field of audio live commerce. 

Audio Apps Could Be Beneficial For Live Commerce

People Are Moving Towards Audio Apps

The era of audio apps has just begun, and people intend to listen to their favorite influencers. Further, audio apps can make an impact in the world of live commerce.

In the list of such apps, Breakout is your perfect choice because it allows brands a better way to spread awareness of their products and services. Moreover, branded rooms can be customized as per your brand’s identity — from logos, colors, fonts, and style.

Data Suggest That Audio Apps Are The Future Of Social Media

According to recent research done by Sensor Tower, audio social media apps were downloaded more than 20 million times in 2021.

Nowadays, people want options where they don’t have to worry about freedom of speech and privacy concerns. And this is why in-audio apps have been multiplying in the last two or three years. 

A Great Opportunity In Live Audio Commerce

Many brands and businesses are shifting towards live streaming e-commerce (live commerce). But in upcoming years, we’ll witness a cutthroat live streaming commerce market.

However, you still have the chance to hop on this bandwagon of change — audio live commerce.

Breakout for Audio Live Commerce 

You Can Create A Business Room

Audio social app Breakout specifically offers “Branded Rooms” for businesses and brands. You can enhance and customize your branded business room with your brand’s identity — themes, colors, logo, and more. Furthermore, you can also add business details like name, website, and email addresses. 

With Branded Rooms, you can satisfy your customers’ experience by providing a familiar experience while directing more users to your website.

Grow Brand Awareness About Your Product Via Live Audio

Once you’ve created and filled in your business details, it’s time for the next step. You can create an event and let people know about the live audio streaming of your event. 

Furthermore, you can hire audio influencers to talk about your product’s benefits to your listeners and increase the conversion rate. 

Live Interaction Sessions Will Increase Engagement

Do you know the best thing about it? If you hire an influencer who has great skills and is loved by the people, your brand will eventually become popular as people listen to them. Consequently, it will help boost engagement on your Breakout profile and your product reach. 

Furthermore, the audio influencer can attend to queries and doubts of your prospective buyers via live audio chats. 

Garner the Huge Potential

People wait for days to listen to their favorite podcasters. Six out of ten people in the US aged above 12 listen to a podcast, according to Statista.

You can understand why audio social media isn’t just a buzzword.

Why is this happening? Simply because listening to audio is more convenient – you can do it while jogging or on a ride to your grandma’s. It doesn’t demand your focus on the video screen of your device.

Reasons To Consider Breakout

Breakout Is User-friendly

  • Breakout is available on both Android and iOS devices and is free to install. 
  • Signing up is straightforward. 
  • The layout is intuitive.
  • The app isn’t buggy but ad-free.

Breakout Is Packed With Lots Of Cool Features

  • Breakout audio social media app allows you detailed insight and analytics of your room. 
  • It also offers profile badges by which people can show support towards a particular business and community.
  • Even creating a room is convenient and easy. You can share your moments of the day or talk about your products and services via Hooks (audio stories). 
  • ‘BeeSearch’ is another exclusive feature that provides search results right through the app. 


  1. Is live shopping the future of e-commerce?

The live commerce market is expected to hit a 20.3% market share by 2022 in China and is estimated to grow to $35 billion in the USA. So, yes, it is the future of e-commerce.

  1. How does live e-commerce create value?

Live commerce allows you to present your products during the live stream to interact in real-time. Your product reaches more eyeballs in less time while providing an enhanced customer experience.

  1. What is a live commerce platform?

Live commerce is a method where brands can sell their products via video or audio live streaming. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness and generate more leads for your business.

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