Getting Verified on Breakout Audio App

by Breakout Team
June 3, 2022

What does verification mean on Breakout Audio App?

The verified profile (blue ticked profile) on Breakout app represents the authenticity of a public interest account.

Who can get a verification tick on Breakout?

Breakout supports freedom of speech. Each and every user of the platform is important for us. Profiles that are notable and are actively collaborating with the platform and followers will get verification badges.

Here are the factors affecting to get a verification tick on your Breakout Audio profile:

  • Having an existing verified profile on other platforms or an authoritative official post
  • Number of followers interacting with your profile
  • Room creation frequency and engagements/generated revenue on premium audio rooms.
  • Registering your profile on Breakout marketplace.
  • Should be an active user of the platform (check next section to know more)

Why did my profile lose the verified badge?

There are various reasons why a Breakout might lose its verification badge:

  • Staying inactive for a long period of time or removing necessary information
  • If you change your Breakout user name 
  • You do not hold the same position, role or official for whom you initially got verified for
  • Adding any misleading information on your profile or violating community guidelines
  • Adding any hateful, abusive or manipulated private information of someone on the platform

Breakout Global Technologies, LLC holds the right to assess the qualification to give or remove a verification badge on your social profile. Breakout might suspend your account or remove verification badge without any prior notice.

How do I apply for breakout profile verification?

You can apply for verification in the app settings on the Breakout app and

Go to your profile and tap on the right side corner to get into your app settings. Tap Grow as creator, then tap Request verification.

In case you want to check your ability to get varied, reach out to us on [email protected]

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