6 Effective Tips to Promote Your NFTs Online

by Breakout Team
April 19, 2022
Promote Your NFT collection correctly

Beeple, the famous digital artist, sold his artwork, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, for a whopping $69.3 million.

Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks are 10,000 unique characters that generated over $2 billion in trading volume.

Beeple’s Crossroad artwork sold for $6.66 million.

These are just some of the most expensive NFTs sold yet. Minting alone is not enough to get eyeballs for your NFT project. It would be best to take promotion seriously to achieve success for your NFT.

This post will show you seven tips to promote your NFTs online and tell you the psychology behind each listing. But first, let’s talk briefly — what are NFTs?

What Are NFTs?

By now, you already know that NFTs stand for Non-fungible Tokens. 

If you don’t know, here’s the layman’s definition: non-fungible tokens are pieces of data stored on a blockchain technology that can not be exchanged or replaced, hence becoming unique. These pieces of data can be an image, video, gif, or any other digital file.

Non-fungible = Non-exchangeable.

The word token denotes a digital ledger or a book of records. Since NFTs work on a blockchain, it is all decentralized. Hence your ownership remains unique no matter how many times your NFT is being sold.

We have a detailed blog post on NFTs where you can learn everything about this upcoming technology.

6 Tips to Promote Your NFTs

Now let’s move to the exciting part. You’re a creator or artist who has produced their artwork in the form of an NFT or NFT collection. Use the following tips to increase awareness about your NFT project:

1. Choose The Right Platform

The first step towards building a thriving community where you can promote your NFT starts here. You have to decide which platforms you will use for this purpose.

Here are a few social media platforms which are most popular among NFT-enthusiasts:

  1. Discord — join public NFT-focused servers before creating your own,
  2. Instagram — publish content and build a community,
  3. Twitter — use Twitter Spaces to promote your NFT,
  4. Reddit — many subreddits where you can find NFT geeks,
  5. Telegram — has NFT-focused channels and groups where you can encourage your NFT. Later you can create your own.

Each platform works differently and has different algorithms. So you will need to do some initial research and figure out the ones best fit you. For example, Instagram is a visually-driven platform, while on Reddit, people enjoy reading.

2. Build a Community

Once you have a general idea about the platform, prepare a content calendar and start creating content. This way, you will be consistent, and people will start connecting with you.

Remember, each platform is different, so your approach to building a community on each one will be different. Further, you can repurpose your content to cross-post it on these platforms.

Be transparent, and don’t hesitate to share your story behind your NFT and how you think it is unique.

3. Generate Value

People won’t stick to you if they don’t find your community useful. That’s the harsh reality.

Therefore, you have to generate value consistently. But how will you do it? Remember 3Es when you generate content:

  1. Educate: And we don’t mean to educate about your particular NFT. People generally love to learn, and there will be lots of beginners who will connect with you. Teach them about NFTs, how they work, and how they can use them. Collaborate with experts if you can. At the end, remember 80/20 rule: 80% education + 20% your NFT promotion.
  2. Entertain: We want laughter more in our life; nobody can deny that. So if you can entertain your audience while promoting your NFT, you will witness good conversion.
  3. Engage: Next is to engage. Let your audience feel like they are part of something. Show some bloopers, ask for suggestions, and go live with them. And this way, you’ll create value and grow your community.

4. Host Contests and Games

This might come under the “engagement” umbrella we just covered. Let’s see more ways to promote your NFT using these methods:

  1. Host Contests: As humans, our brain loves challenges. You can use this psyche to your advantage. You can host challenges and contests on the platforms you’re building your community. And as a reward for winning it, you can award NFTs. We have seen some podcasts where the host drops some clues, and those who connect the clues successfully get real NFTs.
  2. Do Giveaways: If you want a more straightforward approach, giveaways work best. Deploy some rules and conditions to carve out enthusiasm and curiosity. Make sure you create buzz before you do giveaways of your NFTs.
  3. Promote with Games: Games, this is the 21st century, and they’re an intricate part of our lives. You can find some online games or host them on a 3rd party app. And the winner takes your precious NFTs.

5. Try Influencer Marketing

Unless you’re Elon Musk or Ratan Tata, it’s unlikely people will start buzzing to your account handles on the platform we discussed. Initially, you will be pretty alone.

If such is the case, you can use influencer marketing to gain some traction. You can either reach an advertising agency or directly contact the influencer (they have business email on their bios, or you can text them personally).

Think it this way — these influences already have the community. Meaning their audience is more likely to invest in your NFT provided you reach out to the influencer of your niche.

6. Ads Work Too

If your NFT project is small, organic methods will do wonders. But if your sales increase and you want to go big with your NFT project, you can’t ignore paid promotion.

You can run ads on different social media platforms and websites that target the type of audience you seek and get your NFT presented in front of the primed people.

Don’t forget to define your budget and KPIs before running your ad campaigns!

Breakout – the New and Powerful Way to Promote NFT

Breakout is a community-driven, premium audio social networking app that lets you connect with like-minded people and interact with them in real-time. 

To promote your NFT, create a community on Breakout and nurture your audience. Educate them in real-time, tell stories, and put up rewards to increase engagement.

With immersive features of Breakout, such as Personal and Branded Rooms, Hooks (audio stories), BeeAnalytics, Trophies, and BeeSearch, your marketing will reach new heights.Breakout is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.


So, today you learned how you, as a creator, can promote your NFT online. We discussed Breakout, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and various such platforms, including what you should consider.

Remember, NFTs run on a blockchain, and blockchain works on the idea of transparency and decentralization. So, when promoting your NFT, tell your users the value you’re creating, your story, and how your NFT is so worth it.

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