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6 Reasons People are Leaving Social Media

people leaving social media platforms

Millions are no longer using social media platforms. People are leaving traditional social media sites to try something new and something better. The reason behind this mass exodus might vary, but they all have one thing in common: people seek sites that are more social, less combative and offer better privacy plus security.

Politics & propaganda

There is no secret that the world is getting divided because of its biases. The 2020 US presidential election was one of the most controversial years in history and people are still talking about it. People are leaving social media platforms because they are now sick and tired of politics.

Instead of coming together to help the country move forward, Americans are more inclined to denigrate those with differing opinions than they have – especially on social media platforms. This hatred is causing people to abandon these sites in droves.

Social media users are tired of the nastiness and propaganda gettins spread on the platforms, but they’re tired of leaving traditional social media sites without the same negativity. Most of them feel that the only option is to quit social media altogether.

They are looking for ways to join social media where opinions on politics and related topics aren’t left, right and center. With the Breakout Audio app, users can keep their conversations productive and fun by skipping political commentary and propaganda.

Insecurity and Jealousy

Traditional social media makes people compare themselves with their peers. Social media is overrun with people’s best moments such as perfect vacation photographs, delicious meals, and well-edited picture of their lives. They are majorly rife with insincerity and falsehoods. Many are tired of feeling bad about their own lives and worse – putting on a show for their friends & family members. They are seeking something fresh, different and more authentic.

Insecurity is not just limited to the time one spends online. It causes people to feel disconnected from themselves and can cause them to feel disconnected from their families and what is happening around them in real time.

Many do realize that you won’t find happiness in the number of likes, retweets or gaining more followers on your profile. Instead, they can find it with a live, invested community to access. Breakout Audio app is a social media application with a clear vision to help people become more connected and happier.

Privacy and Security

All of us are concerned with our data and rightfully so.  Users want full control over their information a company can use. How businesses process them and use them. Users also want to opt-out from data collection without getting penalties.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the latest step in the direction of giving users their power back. The law forces companies to ask users their permissions before collecting or sharing any data about them, and it provides penalties if they don’t get approvals.

The protection rule only applies in the EU though and won’t add protection for others worldwide, including in the US. It’s possible to find a social media that will never sell your data and will care about your privacy.

Unrealistic Expectations

No matter how good things look on social media, one wrong conversation can turn the world upside down. An insensitive comment can ruin a career, destroy friendships or make someone appear to be something that they are not.

While social media is often seen as a net positive, it is easy to be kicked out or otherwise alienated because of an innocent mistake or a misunderstood comment. Digital consumers are sick and tired of carrying so much weight on their shoulders around the click and do not want to worry about censorship or misuse of their posts.

It is devastating when someone is banned from a social media page or the entire social media platform for expressing their own opinions or thought processes. The platform’s action causes them to leave thor online family & community, possibly forever.

Waste of Time

People spend a lot of time on social media sites, in 2012, users used to spend about 90 miniatures on their favorite social media platforms on a daily basis. Although, 2021 presents very different statistics. Now, users spend about 142 minutes a day on their favorite social media platforms.

Social media sites are designed in a way that will keep its users engaged on the platform for longer hours. You will keep pushing yourself, watching and interacting with more posts on a daily basis. This problem compounds negativity and animosity between uses.

Cutting back to just one hour a day would be an ideal timing for many users, but they don’t know how to get rid of such a well designed social media platform. People are tired of these platforms being very addictive.

Social Media’s Not Really Social Anymore

If you ask someone what social media means to them, they will give you an answer that they want to stay connected with their families, friends and colleagues. Over the past few years, social media platforms have taken out the ‘social’ from the social media.

Sites filled with advertisements, clickbait post titles and misinformation. Instead of a news feed that keeps them closer to their friends, people now scroll through several ads and posts by brands they have never heard of or won’t feel comfortable doing business with.

It is evident that social media is geared towards making profits instead of making their users happy, but it shouldn’t have to be like that. There is no reason social media platforms cannot make money without alternating their customers. Breakout audio app shares profits from data with users who opt-in, allowing them to win.

Another issue people face is the sites are removing users for speaking their mind or pushing an unpopular opinion that goes against their company’s line. These websites used to give users an ability to post anonymously and now they are pushing them to follow rules.

People leaving social media as they create adverse effects on their lives. They are sick and tired of following insensitive standards, increasing time drain, increased manipulation from the companies and worsening digital interactions.

You don’t have to give up digital interactions for good. There are other options like joining audio rooms on Breakout Audio app and using emerging Web3 social media platforms for better experience of communication.

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