4 Awesome Tips To Make Social Audio Rooms A HIt

by Breakout Team
February 16, 2022
making audio rooms a hit

2021 was the year for social audio. Apps like Clubhouse, Greenrooms, Twitter Spaces, and many others took the world by storm with brand new advancements in social media. Did you know that Clubhouse venture capital went from $10M to $100M in less than a year!!! Now that is progress.

Over the last few years, apps like YouTube and Facebook managed to make millions due to the popularity of visuals in social media while audio applications were lurking somewhere in the background.

Cut to 2021, social media audio applications are all we can talk about. For example, the Breakout audio app is gaining a lot of popularity in the world of social media due to its audio room feature that allows you to connect with people via special audio rooms.

How to Host A Social Audio Room in Style?

Need some help with hosting a social audio room the right way? Here are some amazing tips that can help.

Regulate Your Way to Attract More Audience

There are so many possible ways in which you can easily run the audio room. How to properly host and speak to your audience will actually drive the experience that they are having on the platform. Hosting a room properly and engaging the audience requires more effort, but with a little bit of flair, you can make it work! It is not that difficult, you guys.
All you have to do is manage the rooms by keeping your personality in mind. That’s the whole point. Also, you need to focus on the participants that you are driving into the rooms.

For instance, say that your room is filled with people who have a fluid mindset, then choosing a broad topic would definitely pique their interest and drive more people in the room. In the case of a more focused discussion, you can invite people who value a more intimate collaboration.

Focus on a topic that will draw the listeners and ensure that you mention all the important rules of discussion to the audience before beginning. Take this trick for a test and get involved with the audience in a more interactive way.

Don’t Forget to Promote on Social Media

At certain times, there is a pretty huge possibility that you will outshine more than you imagined. Do you know what it takes to reach that stage? Well, just a few mentions from some strong influencers, and you are all set to host the masses.

It is a quite similar story with audio room members. You might find an unexpected elevation in the number of members that you have in the rooms if you have an influential stand. Of course, you want people outside your audio rooms to know about you, right? Well, in order to do that, the one thing you need to keep in mind is proper social media promotion.

Yes, you heard it right, people. Promoting your audio rooms on social media will ensure that more and more people are interested in the kind of rooms you host.

Try To Keep Conversation Fast-Paced

Here is an important tip. You need to keep things pretty fast-paced if you want people to not get bored. Staying on point regarding the room content is definitely a very good idea to begin the audio room session.

Use metaphors and short stories to convey your point. You don’t want people to lose interest in the room now, do you? The only trick here is to entertain the people as much as you can. Do you want to capture the attention of people and get them thinking about the topic? Well, keeping things short and interesting would be the way to go. Try it out once and you will see the point clearly.

When co-hosting a room with others, it is important to acknowledge the presence of your co-host. You need to be completely aware of the time you both are taking on the stage. Keep the comments short and precise, probably a minute to two. Then you can invite your co-host to speak. Try out this approach and it will surely work wonders.

Share Authentic Information: Don’t Brag!

Audio rooms are all about recollecting memories, sharing anecdotes, having a lively discussion. It is more about sharing what experiences you’ve had, understanding the point of view of others, and overall sharing of knowledge. You want people to connect with each other in your room. The last thing you want to someone humbly bragging in the audio room, right?

So, that’s an important thing you need to keep in your head. Bragging might just make your room members lose interest and that is definitely not something you’d want. In fact, Breakout Audio rooms app has a BeeSearch features that enables users to search any information during an audio rooms discussion. So, instead of bragging, you can provide information on how you will be able to help your guests.

Wrapping Up,

So, there you have it, folks. Hosting an audio social media room doesn’t seem to be that difficult, don’t you think? Well, if you religiously follow these tips we have mentioned here, you will easily be on your way to becoming a great audio room host in Breakout.

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